A new organization, LGBFightback.org, organized with the Parents of ROGD Kids to hold actions in Philly, Chicago, Hartford, Ontario, DFW and Los Angeles. It was scary for a lot of us but we did it! Check out LGBFB's website or Twitter feed for tons of great pictures.

A new organization, LGBFightback.org, organized with the Parents of ROGD Kids to hold actions in Philly, Chicago, Hartford, Ontario, DFW and Los Angeles. It was scary for a lot of us but we did it! Check out LGBFB's website or Twitter feed for tons of great pictures.


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Unfortunately we were met by TRA's including one very angry and confrontational MTF. But we also had some fairly civil conversations with the FTMs.

The LGBTQ++++ establishment in our state has gone completely bananas about it, over some moms with signs!

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The more publicity the better! If your message made people uncomfortable, that's a good sign. The worst thing would have been for it to be ignored. That would mean people are apathetic.

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I agree. Also, the crazier the TRAs, the more people will peak

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Yes, they wouldn't be replying that way unless they knew the message coming from the parents was powerful.

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I really appreciate this, thanks for sharing - would you mind posting the link to the organization’s website? I tried searching but couldn’t seem to find it.

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Here's the Twitter feed and website. Love to see it!

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I love the website and the photos

You are the REAL stunning and brave!! Thank you so much for doing this! It takes a LOT of courage to stand up to bullies - especially when they get away with playing the victim and labeling disagreement as “hate speech”. Seriously — if Trans-activism wasn’t a cult — then why are they so aggressive about anyone raising any questions and so ready to shut down all dialog? — even when it comes to to the health of kids? Why do they rabidly label anyone questioning medical interventions for kids as “transphobic”... I don’t know a single person who is transphobic. But I do know some moms who aren’t keen on their autistic non-conforming daughters being put on puberty blockers and moms or gay kids who are made to feel bad or somehow inferior for being gay or lesbian. This madness just has to stop! I’m over-the-moon happy that this protest happened and I just hope that the powers that be don’t just label this as “transphobic” and actually listen with their ears and their hearts for once!

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I had no idea this was even happening. Bravo to you guys. I see you hit Los Angeles, where Johanna Olson-Kennedy is busy sterilizing preteens and recommending girls as young as 13 for double mastectomies.

If more demonstrations like this are planned for the future, I would recommend trying to get some detransitioners publicly involved as well. There are quite a few who were transitioned as minors.

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It was a well-kept secret although not quite well enough! I am sure future actions will involve different groups besides or in addition to parents, thanks for the good idea.

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If you guys ever wanted a demonstration in Portland, I'll hop on for a short bus ride to show my support for you guys as a detransitioner, I bet I could talk my Mom into coming haha

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I don’t have any children myself but those photos about brought me to tears. The love radiating through them coupled with the sheer bravery is truly something to behold. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a parent fighting back against this. Stay strong and keep up the good work!

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I live in constant fear that someone will take my child from me because I don't think a teenage girl should be on testosterone or squash her ribcage with a binder. She "identifies as non-binary" but has spoken of going on T. Not since we had a conversation about her depression and anxiety issues, though, and I pointed out to her that testosterone and mental illness really do not mix, so going on T would be a really bad idea and probably aggravate her condition. She seems to have accepted that.

But we have a gender clinic in my city and I'm doing my best to dance around the issue and not let them insist that I take her. She's in therapy right now, anyway, and thank fuck the therapist seems to be a decent human being. It isn't a Christian practice or anything like that, she just understands that the depression and anxiety are the most important things to address right now.

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I've had COVID and it is hor.ri.ble so I hope all everyone protected themselves thoroughly. Real brave of everyone though and great job. I'm going to look now if there's a branch in my area.

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Kellie Jay Keen posted an interview with two women from LGB Fight Back today. I had no idea that the protests were today as well, or that there was one in Ontario. (I'm guessing it was Toronto.) Good for you!

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Do you have a link to that? I looked at her youtube channel and didn't see it.

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It was one of four interviews, the others included Kara Dansky talking about a March 8 demonstration in Washington.

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Oh, I'm so excited about this. Thank you for putting yourselves on the line. As a teacher who has to lay low with her values right now, I appreciate parents stepping up with their voices. I'll be watching and will be looking for ways to support however it's safe for me to do so.

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I’m desperate to start protesting in Seattle. I would love to be involved if things ever start happening here. I’m considering doing quite a few things on my own, but I worry about safety.

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If you are a member of Parents of ROGD Kids let me know. There is a good-sized group there (surprising I'm sure).

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I am not as I have no children and my nieces are still quite young or thankfully didn’t fall into it, but I’d be very happy to get involved and help.

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I worry about safety too, if it's during the right time I would head up to Seattle as well! I'm quite big so I doubt many TRAs would attempt to start anything but, you never know unfortunately... Seriously though, whenever lockdown/the snow storm is over we should all try to get something started in the PNW!

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I’m more than happy to once I get the vaccine which should (hopefully) be soon. I think this spring/summer will be a great time to mobilize and I’m starting to brainstorm some ideas. I’m gutted I can’t go to the women’s protest in DC.

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Ugh... frustrating to see all the quote-tweets claiming it’s a “new hate group” and mischaracterizing it as “transphobic”.... apparently these people don’t care if medicalized kids suffer dire health consequences from their “activism” and myopic lack of compassion... but I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less on Twitter really... given how the TRA’s tend to mob anyone for any disagreement at all with their cult-rhetoric

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Makes you wonder what the TRAs expect to happen when people look for themselves and don't see any hate, and even end up agreeing! No "god hates trans kids" signs here, just pleas for self love and acceptance. Once more and more people realize the foundation of gender ideology is built on bullshit, the house of cards is going to come crashing down at whirlwind speed.

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