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The skincare industry is so damn corrupt. They literally make up words to use in their ads.

One of the worst ones I've seen recently: Bionova:

Nanocomplexes are composed of bioactive substances (predominantly indigenous substances found in the living organism) preliminarily stabilized using Opti-Path™ technology, which are then incorporated into the cell wall membrane of a NuCell-Direct™ delivery system.

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I have conflicting feelings about the skincare industry, but their advertisements and marketing jargon are totally silly. "NuCell-Direct™" and "indigenous substances", wow. That's some prime nonsense.

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Why conflicting?

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In my late teens, I had very bad acne, and dermatologists were way less helpful solving the problem than finding a moisturiser and sunscreen which worked for me. Online reviews of skincare products and discussion of ingredients helped me sort that out. There are lots of deceptive advertisements and crazy claims, and there's undue pressure on women to solve skincare problems that aren't problems, but carefully picking a moisturiser was a game-changer for me.

Nanocomplex sounds like a fancy name for “I am shattered because people won’t use my zhey/zir pronouns!”

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I make fun of the ads that go on about how "PH balanced" the products are. I mean, I would hope so!

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Target Women was a short segment written and produced by Sarah Haskins from 2007 to 2010. In them she criticizes commercials targeted at women from a feminist perspective. They're old, but they're funny and still relevant. Unfortunately, they're getting harder and harder to find online. I could find one on aging, one on yogurt commercials, one on cleaning products, and one on hair products.

I can't find the one on "doofy husbands" or the one on chocolate, both of which were genius. If anyone can find any other links, let me know!