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Okay tongue in cheek here, but would that just make them a Barbie-Girl?

I am going to suspend my thought that original OP is a bored troll. Surely the removal of the clitoris, labia majora and minora is just Female Genital Mutilation and is illegal, right?

We do need a strong narrative that surgery will never cure mental distress.

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Tbh this sounds to me like someone who's trying to come up with a new nonbinary fetish to popularize 🤮 like not only is a woman nothing..... there is actually nothing there.

Cool fanfic. Fuck off, guy.

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If this is real, she is in for major disappointment when her "crotch" is far from smooth and featureless after having major surgery. Does she also plan to re-route her urethra, maybe have an ostomy from her bladder to her abdomen? Either this is fake by a creepy male fetishist creeping on teenagers, or she's not too bright.