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the confusion between transsexuals and homosexuals simply because they had the word “sexual” in them

This is huge. It reminds me of someone else saying that TREs present their identity as "trans = super gay"

The TRE movement is all about appropriation, deliberate confusion, and gaslighting. There are so very few trans people in the world that they have to massively inflate their numbers to even pretend we should be changing our laws and language to accommodate them. So they use propaganda techniques to create a fake link between transsexuals and homosexuals.

If I were gay, I'd be fucking irate.

A very neat and extensive article about that which radfems have been saying neatly and extensively for a very long time - and, in fact, a radfem had to neatly and extensively help him by the hand into understanding.


So, this is what I would consider the heart of the argument:

why should women be asked to consider trans women as women at all? Trans women are a subclass of men. I accepted that objective biological reality in part 2. They were born male, remain male and although they may identify as a “woman” they remain male. If any trans woman should be considered women by society, then it is women alone who should be making the decision on whether or not they should, and what pre-requisites or rules there might be

Also, it struck me that for the first time in ages, heterosexual and himosexual people who are GC are fighting on the same side! About time, too, I think.

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If any trans woman should be considered women by society, then it is women alone who should be making the decision on whether or not they should, and what pre-requisites or rules there might be

I got banned from a local Facebook group for saying this OBVIOUS fact.

Well, obviously. Really only men can state the obvious. Women are incomprehensible creatures that need to stick to the ways of the fae. If we dare become OBVIOUS, we've transgressed and need to be banned for our sins.

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It's a sensible article, and Medium removing it really is extreme.

He doesn't take a hardline attitude about trans rights - he thinks it's fine for men who really have transitioned to be treated as women. But also that men who haven't, who just define themselves as women - like that guy Alex Drummond mentioned in the article, who has a beard and looks completely like a man - don't have the right to be treated as women.

That's just common sense. Common sense on this subject seems to have become unacceptable.

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Drummond is not only problematic because he has a beard and looks like a man. He has actually gone on the record saying that his goal via keeping his beard was to "broaden the definition of what a woman is".

That was when Rose of Dawn made the statement that gained her my respect : IT'S NOT YOUR PLACE AS A TRANS WOMAN TO REDEFINE WOMEN AND WOMANHOOD.

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This is interesting. I've long been intrigued by the reason why gay men are so intense lecturing women on TWAW. I think this suggests that I'm not wrong in thinking that gay men tend to project themselves onto TIMs.

It was interesting to hear a "cis man" explain how he would convince women that TIMs are women "just like us". Lol how would you know. You never dated a woman, certainly never got intimate with one of us. Stfu. Men.

Edit cause I accidentally posted an incomplete comment.

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The boxer ceiling compilation is interesting. Much of it is the same fee TIFs over and over. A number of them are TIMs trying to fabricate logical consistency, with “allies” chiming support. It seems that AGPs are willing to harass lesbians in greater numbers than TIFs are to gay men. Women are so accustomed to hearing “no” that the majority of us don’t even ask men out. We wait to be asked. It’s considered pushy of us to do otherwise. So while TIFs might try out the worst of male entitlement, they don’t do it as often or as successfully.

Gay men are also more successful at nipping this crap in the bud.

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Fuck Medium.

I unsubscribed from them a long time ago when I realized they were removing great gender critical articles.

Biased, censoring pricks.

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What does he mean by age of consent laws wrt gay rights?

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In the UK it used to be higher for gay men than straight men, at first 5 years older and then 2 years older.

Edit: Article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/1045383.stm