Okay, so i'm tired of people telling me this bullshit that transwomen think like "cis" women or have female brains.

Do you know some articles about that?

Okay, so i'm tired of people telling me this bullshit that transwomen think like "cis" women or have female brains. Do you know some articles about that?


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There's zero science behind this nonsense, so you won't find any medical research that shows this.

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sometimes a TRA is dumb enough to try and cite a study and claim it backs their point up, what they don't understand is that (most often) the study they're citing is proving that heterosexual men and homosexual women do in fact both like women.

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Whenever a TRA starts spouting off about the lady brain all I can think of is how some racist whites used to claim that other races had different brain sizes, and therefore were less intelligent.

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It is self-defeating because for a movement that claimed to be anti-essentialist (gender being a social construct, etc), it is going full circle and justifying gender through some kind of biological/physiological determinism. You are right to compare this disturbing kind of rhetoric to the ugly history of biological determinism and racism.

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Even if it is proven by science, so are the eggs in my ovaries, babes (the two I have left). If that doesn't make me a female, neither does your dumb brain scan. You're just trying to change one "arbitrary" sex characteristic for another.

Furthermore, the argument is a dead end. They just spout that pink brain nonsense so that the normies go "Hm I guess maybe trans is real." and don't think about it too much after that. The last thing most trans people actually want is for transitioning to come with brain structure requirements. They know that would really whittle the trans community down quite a bit, and there's power in numbers.

The only ones who want real medical criteria for Transexualism are the TruScum. And the word Scum is right there in the name, so we know how much social power they have to make that happen...

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Try Gina Rippon and Cordelia Fine, they did a great job debunking the myth of the female/male brain in a way that's easy to get for anyone!

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I usually just say, okay. If that’s true, then that sounds like a really definitive way to diagnose trans people. I’m really glad that’s true. So. Insurance or whatever health system should use that as the metric. Trans procedures and hormones will be covered, we can do away with therapy visits, as long as the brain scan confirms the lady brain. I am so glad to hear that, awesome. However, for sports and whatnot, we’re talking about sexed bodies, not brains. So everywhere that brain sex is irrelevant (see: everywhere we separate by sex) we still need to separate by sexed bodies.

If I woke up in a man’s body tomorrow, I would be a man, and I would be me. So I wouldn’t compete in women’s sports, use women’s spaces. I can be me without using the ladies room. Anything else?

I’m so tired of the brain sex bullshit ugh.

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I’m so tired of the brain sex bullshit ugh. Me too, it's so dumb and sexist

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Seriously, I don’t want to hear science from the guy that thinks estrogen pills made him enjoy ironing and being called a slut.

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or that estrogen pills gives him a period like a regular girl! dead serious, had a former-friend who was a TIM and he LITERALLY told me he got monthly period cramps the same as me.

I was fucking seething.

edit: my cramps are particularly brutal, as I'm sure so many other women here have it. the first 2 days I have to take ibprofen every two hours.

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Someone else mentioned Gina Rippon, so I thought this interview in which she mentions how she's asked by trans people to "prove" their brains are of the opposite sex (which is impossible according to her) might interest you: https://time.com/5669513/gina-rippon-interview-gender-and-our-brains/

Edited to add that it's the final question, if you're not interested in the rest of the interview

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have female brains.

Ask them if they'd be willing to diagnose transgenderism and award fake-female status on the basis of a scientific brain sexing test. If they wouldn't, there's your answer. If they would, local AGPs will unperson them pretty quick.

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Of all the TRAs arguments, this one is the craziest imo. A vagina and uterus don't prove you're a woman, and a penis doesn't prove you're a man. So the most visibly telling body parts don't indicate you're your sex. But the brain, which has no distinctive differences based on sex, somehow can? That's just crazytown. And by their own argument, isn't it transphobic to claim a woman's brain only belongs to women? Isn't that transphobic against an AMAB who identifies as a woman but unfortunately was born with a man's brain? And omg wouldn't someone please think of the enbies!

It's all such nonsense. Their arguments turn on themselves. Anyway, men and women brains actuallyndo operate differently. They direct the bodies to release the hormones acrresponding to the sex of the bodies, ensuring puberty, and our reproductive organs to function normally. If they really believe men's brains and women's brains, they should think long and hard about that.

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Before looking for evidence, it's worth thinking about how to interpret the evidence if you find it. Like, what does it even mean to have a female or male brain? Are we saying brains are so distinctively sexed that they can be said to be "male" and "female"? If so, suppose we found a male person with a brain that had all the distinctive female features and none of the male features. What would that mean? Wouldn't we say that it was a man with an atypical brain? Why would we say that person was actually a woman?

I guess we could say that brains are one of the features that collectively determine sex--like genitals, gonads, chromosomes, etc. But even if we decided brains should be one of the sex-determining features, our example person would then be of ambiguous sex, since they had mixed features (male gonads and genitals, female brain). Or are we saying that the brain is not merely one of the determining features, but the overruling feature, and people's sex can be determined by their brains, regardless of other sexed features?

If so, what does the concept of "sex" track? What phenomenon does it define, describe, predict and explain?

My view is that sex tracks reproductive functions and the bodies built around them. Even if there were distinctive female and male brains, therefore, a male with a female-typical brain would no more be a woman than a male with female-typical joints, female-typical lungs, or female-typical body fat percentage.

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Lloyds of good suggestions below for further reading. My partner made this comment which I though was genius, 'what is it about the brain? They never say they've got a female spleen or lungs? You'd think if the brain was sexed differently other body parts would be to'.

A few tras are moving away from the brain thing saying it was only ever meant as shorthand to express how they felt. Which then introduces the what did it feel like to be a woman view...

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