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Their smug “gotcha” demeanor is that of white men who’ve spent decades feeling obligated to and resentful of the marginalized groups protected from discrimination.

This is exactly what it is. Heterosexual, upper middle class, white men pissed they're not getting any special treatment. Just like "queer" is a label taken by them to get special treatment.

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Yep. When all you've ever known is privilege, equality seems like oppression.

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Gotta respect their hussle though. Literally, white, upper class men who wanked themselves pornsick made themselves be regarded as more oppressed than even the poorest most disenfranchised people, they've got actually oppressed women, lesbians, gays, people of color kissing their white, straight asses. Absolutely insane

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It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of male privilege.