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Like others have said, not all trans females are predatory males; yet TRAs insistence that self-ID is all that's necessary, no "gatekeeping," leaves us unable assess whether someone is just pretending so they can get access to female spaces.

How are we supposed to tell the difference between an actual trans woman and a predatory male? Predatory males will be predatory males, but having female-only spaces allowed us to limit access without second-guessing people's motivations. No man had a reason to go into a female-only space. The refusal to appreciate the reasons WHY we have female-only spaces in the first place is mind-boggling.

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ALL trans males are predators.

A fox in a henhouse is a predator even if it never touches any of the chickens. The fox never belongs in the henhouse; it is a predator just by being where it will never belong.

Men never belong in womens spaces no matter how they "identify" or what they do, or don't do, to their bodies. They are always predators just by being - even just by wanting to be - where they will never belong.