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I don't get guys like him. He seems like he's close to realizing that sex changes are not possible and that the trans cult grooms people into believing the lie that sex changes are possible and will make your life like heaven on earth.

But he can't take one further step into accepting he will always be a man. So he goes to the trans spaces and half assedly tells them that trans is a lie. What does he expect, that they all immediately terf out? What is his end goal?

It feels a bit like he's trying to get people to tell him he's too ugly or mannish to "successfully transition". He keeps mentioning "if he passed"... I mean do they seriously not realize that the supermajority of TIMs will never pass? He has to have actually seen some TIMs, like does he think Bruce Jenner passes? Even, say, Blaire White with the small statute and innumerable surgeries basically reads as an effeminate gay men to most.

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He's seeking validation from those around him that he's a woman and since he's not passing and getting it he's angry he was sold a false bill of goods by the excessive positivity of the trans bubble.