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Yep. Now the whole world knows you’re a creepy pornsick pervert who wanked himself into this disgusting state. At some point therapists would’ve come up with a protocol of CBT to help you back to good mental health but your fellow creeps have made that impossible. So enjoy the hugboxing but deep inside you know it’s all a charade. Everyone knows exactly what you are because you were stupid enough to put it on legal documents.

I agree that no one is openly laughing at him in interviews but I’ve been on a few interview committees where someone sounds like a decent candidate on paper but when they come in you immediately start looking around at fellow committee members to see if they see what you see. I would imagine that for the candidate it’s very uncomfortable. Nothing’s said out loud but the atmosphere is almost impossible to control. So it’s possible he’s not lying but given the rate at which TIMs do lie I always assume they’re lying.

It’s interesting to me that he realizes that his behavior is self destructive and resents the encouragement that got him to this point yet he plans to continue. Why on earth would he go through with a legal name change prior to surgery?

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It sounds like if you wait, then you’ve had the surgery and your legal name doesn’t match your appearance, or whatever.

So either way you’re screwed (because the whole thing is dumb).