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One of the delusional TRAs in that thread said...

Maybe this isn't so much because you're trans - but because WOMEN are often overlooked for managerial positions. Sexism is a thing and men are often preferred for roles in management.

...yeah. I'm sure THAT'S why the man in the dress wasn't hired for managerial positions. It couldn't possibly be because hiring a non-passing trans person is just asking for a lawsuit whenever a co-worker inevitably "misgenders" them or whatever

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This is a fact that so many of them seem not to realize. Even the most progressive minded ‘live and let live’ person would be leery about hiring a TIM. After all HR’s number one priority is protecting the company. Why on earth would they risk hiring such an obvious liability? I know I would never knowingly hire one. Even if they weren’t in a customer facing position they would totally destroy the vibe of the team.

There’s a reason people typically don’t wear their perversions in public. They’d be well to understand this. If Biden does pass this Equally Act it could make it even worse. Having to accommodate them exactly like a woman? In practical terms it’s damn near impossible. Like in that Bostock case. How can a funeral home have this big hulking man running around in a dress? Bereaved people don’t want to see that shit and they would’ve lost business. Some shit just doesn’t fly I don’t care how ‘progressive’ you think you are.

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Can you imagine being an HR person having to deal with a TIM coming to you with "problems" like, "Susan from Marketing refuses to go in the ladies room when I'm in there and it makes me feel invalid!" or "I'm the only woman in the office who wasn't invited to Leslie's woman-only Bachelorette Party! Leslie is bullying me and making me feel invalid and unsafe!!!". I wouldn't want to take that risk!

Like in that Bostock case. How can a funeral home have this big hulking man running around in a dress? Bereaved people don’t want to see that shit and they would’ve lost business.

That's why I felt bad for the funeral home. They had a traditional dress code because you need to be conservative and professional when dealing with grieving people (and, IIRC, most of their clients were religious as well). Can you imagine bringing your 90 year old grandma in to talk about burying her husband and some guy who looks like a dull drag queen greets you? Nobody wants to deal with that while grieving!

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There’s this former wedding photographer who posts on Twitter complaining about losing his business when he came out. Dude a wedding day is about the couple getting married. A middle aged dude flouncing around would draw all the attention. Photography is crazy expensive, the last thing you want to do is spend all that money to have your photographer making a spectacle of himself.

This is something lots of companies will have to come to terms with. And that’s before you even get to the inevitable histrionics they’re always flipping out on. There was one where the TIM complained that the his female co-workers never invited him to lunch! Seriously? Going to HR because your co-workers don’t want to be friends.

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It’s ironic, because women have to deal with this all the time. A woman who isn’t conventionally pretty knows she isn’t going to get hired as a front desk person at a salon. We just accept that our looks and the way we present ourselves matters. TiMs say they want to be treated like women, and not getting a job because of how they look/dress is a common female experience (of course, they don’t want that part of being a woman).

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By not hiring them you are treating them like a woman.. this is what they wanted

“But not thaaaaaat kind of being treated like a woombman”

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I thought women were often sought out for mid-management. The issue is that they're rarely able to rise above that level, not that women are never offered promotions.