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I went from being offered managerial positions

I highly doubt that

to being laughed at in interviews.

That doesn't happen. That's actual transphobic behavior and cause for punishment these days.

I think this guy might be a habitual liar.

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Yeah I am involved in a program for people trying to break into the tech industry, and of course there's a trans woman in the group. They're constantly moaning about how hard it is for trans people to even get through an interview process, let alone get hired, because people are so phobic against trans people.

But what I've learned in interacting with this person is that they are actually a really toxic person in general. Transness aside, they have SO MANY obvious and immediate red flags in their behavior. Even in the group, it doesn't seem like anyone else is very enthusiastic about them. It seems to me like this person is failing to get through interviews because their personality is coming through and the interviewers rightly understand that this person will not be pleasant or easy to work with.

I've heard the sentiment echoed in some queer and tech groups I'm part of, too. So it does seem to be a common strand in their internal narratives of how much they are victims. They can't ever see that their own behavior is at the heart of why people don't want to be around them, so they externalize the reason to be something out of their control -- people are bigoted against them.

Seems to me interviewers will have figured out by now that they can’t openly not hire transvestites because they’re transvestites, but they can sure read a red flag when it’s being waved at them and hire a better candidate. Which would be anyone, including the office cat.