Literally, I feel so much better. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, it just melted off. It’s easier to move, my laughter comes easily, my smiles are genuine, I feel really really great. Maybe leaving radical left politics in general was also a factor. Those places can be toxic - “no discussion, no debate” etc. Now I can grow. I’m not stunting myself.

Literally, I feel so much better. I’ve lost a bunch of weight, it just melted off. It’s easier to move, my laughter comes easily, my smiles are genuine, I feel really really great. Maybe leaving radical left politics in general was also a factor. Those places can be toxic - “no discussion, no debate” etc. Now I can grow. I’m not stunting myself.


[–] ladybrainhaver 38 points (+38|-0)

It's been hard at times but I've experienced this too. Certain gender critical ideas helped me understand myself and name my experiences within the first, like, three months more than gender ideology or Tumblr brainrot did in five years. The extremely woke left reminds me of the exact inverse of evangelical Christians: the same lane of collective insanity but exact opposite beliefs.

Yes, 100%! Hitting peak trans and becoming GC woke me up to the nature of my sex-based oppression and gave me the framework to assess my own experiences and the language to name female oppression.

I finally see the rampant misogyny of men on the left and of liberal feminism, of not just the bullshit about transwomen being women on the basis of sexist stereotyping and belief in gendered brains, but also the rhetoric that prostitution is work and porn is empowerment and BDSM is hot and WAP is a feminist master-piece. It's all so gross to call all that feminism but lefties are taught to parrot woman-hating nonsense.

I absolutely think "woke think" has completely rotted the left's ability to think critically, and like you said, it's like a fundamentalist religion where they must adhere to dogma or be pilloried as a heretic.

[–] courage2courage 28 points (+28|-0)

IA. Being enlightened is spiritually fulfilling.

I am politically left-leaning but lefty political groups are the most miserable, po-faced places where everyone tiptoes on eggshells and purity spirals run rampant and all language is cloaked with cuddly inclusive mind-coddling and any dissent unveils full-on militancy. Lefty politics is exhausting.

Love your username, btw <3

[–] sarahsmile 14 points (+14|-0)

I'm such a weird mix: I believe in a robust welfare state, am anti-death penalty, pro-environment, etc. but am really not on board with a lot of the left's ideology.

[–] Pendleton 11 points (+11|-0)

I'm very similar to you. Hooray for being politically homeless!

[–] remquarqk 10 points (+10|-0)

I don't even think they are leftist. They are liberal and corporate-controlled. Maybe even anti-materialist.

[–] ComplicatedSpirit 4 points (+4|-0) Edited

Cuddly inclusive mind-coddling for the right people. The far left is a lot more shameless about making violent threats, and then passing them off as, “I was half-joking. (But really tho I’m so enraged at the state of the world that don’t be surprised if me and all my allies just fucking snap one day but it will be justified because we will mow down all the oppressors and their silent collaborators blah blah blah.) “ collaborators are anyone who just doesn’t measure up in their lives. Maybe you’re too busy struggling to survive yourself to help block a highway. But that means you’re a collaborator, because you weren’t there.

Far leftists aren’t ashamed to talk about how they’re going to break heads and spines, pig/collaborator/oppressor/capitalist/TERF/bigot etc blood will be spilled, etc and it’s just like “oh it’s okay, they’re threatening violence and death against the people who really deserve it.” Even if those people are just kind of ordinary people whose greatest sin is not being one of their fanatical followers.

[–] LadySparklz 24 points (+24|-0)

Radical feminism has been an endless gift of truth discovery for me and I'm so very thankful to have found it.

[–] shewolfoffrance 22 points (+22|-0)

It's a lot like leaving a toxic religious group. It removes a mental burden to not force yourself to pretend that TWAW.

[–] sarahsmile 10 points (+10|-0)

And has the side benefit of seeing how ludicrous it is through clear eyes.

[–] BeaMathers 18 points (+18|-0)

I wish it had been good for mine. I peaked for good probably three years ago after decades as a "genderqueer" TRA.

Between the TIF teen daughter (who had been more content with being a girl as a kid than ever I was, and who never knew anything about my own gender stuff, so she's not trying to be like me here), living in a progressive city where my Congress rep is oh-so-proud of her TIM son (and has the bills to prove it), almost every one of my long-time friends still being passionate to the point of irrational TRAs (with at least half of them supporting their TIF daughters--for me, making friends has never been easy, and even if it were, those new friends wouldn't have the two decades of history behind them), and my fandom hobbies pretty much lost to me (that's where all the ROGD lives in the adult female population), it's been an utterly miserable three years. It hasn't been getting any better. It probably won't for a long time. That's just my reality now.

I've gained a bunch of weight, I've had some of the worst bad mental health days since I first sought help for it back in my 30s (I looked for GC therapists in my city with no luck), and I'm feeling lonely and isolated. It would probably be different if I'd peaked in my 20s and not my 40s and had a lot less to lose. (Maybe that's the lesson here: never fall for the BS, or get out as soon as you can.)

Don't get me wrong! I'm genuinely happy for those who've had peaking improve their mental health, but it can hurt a lot to see the truth when everyone around you still truly believes the lies. Apostasy isn't an easy path. I'd ask myself if it was worth it, but it's not like you can unsee reality once you've seen it.

[–] worried19 4 points (+4|-0) Edited

Is there any way you can get out of there? That can't be a good environment for you or your daughter.

[–] BeaMathers 3 points (+3|-0)

I have been trying to get out of here for a few years now, but between elderly family members who need a great deal of support, a house that needs a lot done to it before we can sell, and work, it's just not worked out for us.

Yet another reason I wish I'd peaked when I was younger instead of being in the thick of it! I'm going to keep in mind the deep undercover post in o/women, though, and hope to find more like minds while I'm stuck here.

[–] worried19 0 points (+0|-0)

Understandable. Have you read Irreversible Damage? One of the things Abigail Shrier recommends to parents of ROGD girls is to move, but that's easier said than done for a lot of people.

[–] notyourfetish 1 points (+1|-0)

You're not the only one, though, so don't feel bad. I peaked at 30 and was ashamed that it took me so long to notice all the B.S. for what it was. Before that I supported these addled males just because I didn't yet realize the full extent of their sexual perversion and how much men really hate us. I was naïve and wanted to believe people were good, even men, even after all they had done to harm me my entire life. The years since then have shown me that it's the opposite: most people are not good and some are straight up evil. (My opinion, my experience, not sorry.)

Sadly, I had nothing to lose except my favorite fandoms (I had been isolated by an abuser, so no family or friends at the time). I love video games, and some of my favorite developers have jumped the trans bandwagon and included BDSM (BDSM!!!) and transgender crap in my favorite games sot hey can get ass pats for being "progressive." The one thing that made me happy, infiltrated by libfem, genderist nonsense.

So tired.

[–] HandsomeCherry 16 points (+16|-0)

It is, I am happy for you. You will never win and you will never feel good in that space. And I bet you're relieved you don't have to read weird fetish stuff being feminist and revolutionary actually lol. Let's walk in this glow of mental health improvement together, you might lose long time friends but you can always make new ones, people with healthy mindset are actually easy to befriend :). Good luck!

[–] sarahsmile 11 points (+11|-0)

I'm right, I know I'm right, and there's nothing you can do or say to insult me on this front. Took some time, but I'm there.

[–] mg2000 9 points (+9|-0)

oh I wish it were like that. I‘m in the beginning and whew... I don’t think it’s fun since I can’t talk about it freely, without fear of judgement.

[–] questioningtw 6 points (+6|-0)

Same here. I used to feel so guilty, because I wasn't one of those people that thought women transitioning to men where brave and stunning and most of the time I just was disappointed. I used to actually buy into thinking I was human garbage because instead of finding it awesome that these women where finding happiness, I just thought it was sad. I also hated feeling like there was something wrong with me for speaking out that guilting lesbians until dating you is wrong, and it doesn't matter if your feelings are hurt or you think the person is being mean. No means no! I also hated feeling like I had to shut up when I heard things like we knew he was really she when he grabbed a pink blanket! It is ok to speak out.

[–] notyourfetish 0 points (+0|-0) Edited

speaking out that guilting lesbians until dating you is wrong, and it doesn't matter if your feelings are hurt or you think the person is being mean. No means no!

That's exactly it. Their hurt feelings are all that matter to them, and in fact, they are the only ones entitled to feelings at all. We aren't even people. We're just sex dolls that are supposed to robotically giggle and spread our legs on command.

[–] questioningtw 1 points (+1|-0)

I remember when I first came along the Cotton Ceiling I was so beyond disgusted, and I assumed my fellow feminists would be too. Nope, the compared it to people not wanting to date fat people because they are fat. Um. No one should have to date a fat person if they don't want. I say this as a fat person too, sheesh.

[–] remquarqk 4 points (+5|-1) Edited

It has been great for me as well. I have less social anxiety overall, and since I learned about radical feminism I've felt more grounded and confident in general. I wouldn't describe it as the 'radical left' though. I think gender identity concepts are actually more individualistic-minded, which doesn't really unite well with class-based, material-based leftism.

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