That poster that shows him in drag and says "A Future for All of Us" is pure horror. Talk about dystopia.

So Australia doesn't have free speech? Because simply stating a man is a man is NOT a death threat or something. And if he is a public figure, people can have at him. Look at what people do to politicians! They make effigies of them and burn them -- that is REALLY a violent threat isn't it? And it's legal (in the USA anyway). But saying "that man is a man" -- what, was he going to threaten suicide if someone stated reality?

Forcing a woman to LIE is BS. Fining her an outrageous sum for agreeing with reality is criminal. How can we stop all this insanity NOW, like right this minute? I can't take any more.

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Australia does not have free speech in the same way that the US does, no. There are some laws around Freedom of Expression but there are many other laws that interfere with these (in this case it would be Anti-Discrimination laws). It is a shame that in these sort of cases where people have their feelings hurt by seeing something they don't like on social media, it is not sufficient for them to take action with the owner of the platform, be it Facebook or Twitter. A reasonable person would think that was the appropriate response. It is not an appropriate response for the government to intervene and fine and silence someone for their social media postings. The Equal Opportunity Commissions here are very heavy handed with women, and very unsympathetic when listening to women's concerns. The UK is of course similar to us, with their police interventions for social media postings.

That's hearbreaking knowing Australia and UK are so restricted with speech, esp. when it harms women. USA has the First Amendment precisely because nobody was going to tell an Englishman what he could or couldn't say! Colonies tend to preserve older traditions. Sad that Mother England, and then the Commonwealth (I guess Australia is still Commonwealth?) countries moved into WokeWorld. USA has too, but Free Speech is a "fight to the death" issue for most Americans. Not so much for our immigrants or young people though, and that scares me.

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Australia is deeply misogynist, really atrocious. You should see the way some of our male politicians act in the legislative chamber because they have parliamentary privilege - Abbott, Hazard, Leyjohnhelm - all of them have been grossly, graphically and explicitly sexist.