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It doesn’t happen often, hardly ever in fact, but there are times when I’m grateful to be American. As utterly fucked as our country is, we’ve never sacrificed our right to free speech on the altar of tender feelings. Jesus, she just “liked” some comments and posts. Bridget Clutchmypearls or whatever the fuck your name is, fuck you, you self-righteous, narcissistic, bored-to-death, infantile twat.

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The First Amendment is precious. I thank our founders and all of the generations of judges and justices who upheld our freedom of speech in caselaw.

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I know right? God bless America! I used to roll my eyes at conservatives who would say purposefully inflammatory shit and then go "Freeze peach!" and now look. MY communities are the ones getting banned from social media. -_-

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Yeah. Captain Delusional leveraging his military service as a TRA billboard -- it's called "service" for a reason, gitwit. 🤦🏻‍♀️