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Is this where we are, now?

This ability for men to use hate crime laws to further harass women is proof that hate crime law is inherently flawed. Legal institutions can only benefit those who already have power.

Careful about voting this comment up if you are in a country with these laws. You might get caught committing terf crimes.

I am against so-called "hate crime " laws for many reasons, but still there should have to be a crime here. "Liking" a comment on facebook is hardly a crime. If the comment was "offensive" to FB, then FB can take it down. They put so many people in Facebook jail (why does anyone still use FB???) but a crime?

I KNOW even here in the USA a large % of college students are saying we shouldn't have the First Amendment because freedom of speech is WRONG. How scary is that? I will NOT live in a Trans Dictatorship, but sadly a lot of young people clearly would fight me so that they could. WTF.