That poster that shows him in drag and says "A Future for All of Us" is pure horror. Talk about dystopia.

So Australia doesn't have free speech? Because simply stating a man is a man is NOT a death threat or something. And if he is a public figure, people can have at him. Look at what people do to politicians! They make effigies of them and burn them -- that is REALLY a violent threat isn't it? And it's legal (in the USA anyway). But saying "that man is a man" -- what, was he going to threaten suicide if someone stated reality?

Forcing a woman to LIE is BS. Fining her an outrageous sum for agreeing with reality is criminal. How can we stop all this insanity NOW, like right this minute? I can't take any more.

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We don't have explicitly protected free speech, we have an implied Constitutional freedom of political communication. We also do not have explicit sex based protections, we did in the Sex Discrimination Act, but that has been eroded over the decades where men now use the legislation because "sex" is not explicitly female, therefore either male or female can rely on protections. Then "gender identity" crept into the legislation in 2013 and fucked everything. We even have CEDAW embedded in the legislation, but the judiciary ignore it. The only way we will be able to protect women here is if we are able to run a case to the High Court, similar to the strategies women are employing the UK. I want a judicial review of some of the crap going on down here, but we need money to fund it, and we need lawyers on side. At the moment, I'm only a law graduate, but I'm prepared to stick my neck out, but I don't have experience.