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No, just frame it as a question and it's a completely different statement!

Transphobic parent: Maybe you're a boy then.

Cool Woque QUEER™ parent: Maybe you're a boy then?


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I'm wondering that if we all started saying "Maybe you're just a man who likes feminine things?" we would suddenly not be considered transphobic, lol.

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These people are frightening. I have no doubt that if adults in my life had questioned if I was a boy and then supported me in becoming a boy, I would be trans now.

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Has this person never heard of ‘leading questions’? Some questions are not simply questions but signposts to certain answers. There’s a whole body of work about how to interview people in a way that doesn’t improperly influence how they answer the questions.

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Especially with children! They're easily influenced, that why there are procedures for how to interview them for court cases and the like

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I think maybe this person is saying they don't say it about "liking traditionally masculine things" but that there's some other trigger that gets them to whip out the "maybe you're a boy?" thing. This person says that each time they were reflecting what the kid said to them... so I'm guessing the triggers are something like... girl says, "I hate being a girl!" or, "I don't ever want to get my period!" etc. It's got to be something fairly common, if they've been able to "be that person" a few times already.

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Does anyone enjoy their period? I mean really.

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I was one of those weird girls who read too many Judy Blume books so I was SUPER excited about getting my period. And then I got it, and I bled all over my pants, and the next day I had cramps and was like ... yeah, this sucks. Yay, womanhood!

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Apparently TIM's do. I wonder why...

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"Oh, we never push 'masculine' girls into thinking they're men! We just not-so-subtly suggest that they could be!"