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Worth noting that the source article didn't really support the click baity headline. It seems that trans people report being abused at high rates, where being abused includes verbal abuse (read: hurting their feelings). The article seems to conflate this with hate crimes. 🙄

Archive link to the pinknews article, true journalists:


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"There were also high rates of “second hand transphobia”, with respondents saying that witnessing transphobia online such as deadnaming, verbal abuse, discrimination and invasive questioning had an impact on their mental health, making them more afraid of direct transphobia."

Lol reminds me of that old saying, "women are afraid men will kill them, men are afraid women will laugh at them". No wonder these lads think that acknowledging biology is "literal violence". 🙄

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Witnessing transphobia online? What? I've witnessed many things online, just reading the news I can say I've witness murder, genocide, labor camps. It doesn't mean that I'm the actual victim in any way.

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People on the internet lie. They also loovee to roll around in their sadness. There's a word for that, I forget what it is.

[–] shveya 14 points (+14|-0)

Hmm, I like calling them emotional masochists, I forget what the actual word is too though.

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They sounds exactly like the whiny dudes who report every thread on the subreddit Female Dating Strategy because it makes them feel bad or even suicidal. If you’re cast into the depths of despair by a woman advising other women to avoid misogynist losers then it’s not what the woman is saying that’s the problem.

But elsewhere on this site somebody posted a link to a Graham Linehan article where he showed that transcels moderate most of Reddit.

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Whoa, so by posting "Bruce Jenner is still a dude" I am, as we speak, doing literal violence not only to him, but to any transpeople who are reading this?

They think I am so powerful.

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A woman I had had as a friend for decades told me I shouldn't talk about my rape honestly because someone might hear me refer to my TIM rapist as a man and feel traumatized by that: not by hearing about a woman being raped by a man, but rather by hearing that woman refer to her rapist as male.

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I'd like to report my college algebra professor for verbal abuse! She gave me a D on a pop quiz once!

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Considering they'll just about come arrest you for misgendering, that's no surprise. Far as I know there are no robust free-speech protection laws in the UK... in fact they're trending just the opposite.

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The article literally seems to suggest that misgendering should be reported as a hate crime, and that trans people are just afraid to do it or think it won't get followed up on.

I am so friggin thankful I live in the US where we actually do have free speech protection in a written constitution. It's so crazy that you literally can be prosecuted for misgendering someone in places like the UK or Norway. Places I otherwise would look to as model countries, especially Norway.

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I really wonder how much of the current banning is happening due to actual belief in trans stuff, and how much is due to fear of the whole sub being banned like r/GC if their commenters are allowed to criticize trans stuff?

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I sort of wonder that too for some of them. But I doubt the center left politics sub is really in any danger of being banned though.

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Yeah it wouldn't get banned. Worst case scenario, they depose the mod team and replace half of them with transwomen and the rest with SJW men

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To be fair..I think it is unfair to say 'ALL' trans people should go to the men's. I don't think trans-identified females should be obligated to use the men's.

Curious - what was the actual ban reason/message they sent you? Was that your only comment recently made on the sub?

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Yeah, the point wasn't framed well. It makes it seem like a mere inconvenience rather than a fear of safety.

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Their fear of safety is not my problem. They are putting me in fear of my safety by using the spaces my foremothers fought to keep them out of.

In any case, it's not practical to allow fully transitioned trans men in, but keep trans women out. A lot of trans men have beards. They look way more male than transwomen ever look female. How are you supposed to know they aren't just short men unless you check their pants? They chose to transition, fine with me, go hang with the men. I just don't want men in my spaces, but it's no skin off my nose if women go into men's spaces.

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With Self-ID, dudes with beards can walk into the ladies' and announce that they're women.

If I have to have Beardio in there anyway, let in the ones born with the ovaries.

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I had made one other pretty innocuous one just commenting on Janet Yellen as Treasury secretary. Nothing crazy, I said she seemed like a good choice to me. They didn't explain why, so I assume this was the reason.

I can see that, but to me anyone who is male or wants to be male just needs to keep out. We have women's bathrooms to keep us safe from men. Men's bathrooms are the default bathrooms, so just go there if you don't belong in the bathroom that is for biological women.

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Women want privacy from men in bathrooms? What a wild request! But who are trans people actually afraid of in bathrooms? Men. Because men are the violent and aggressive sex. But from what TiMs whine about, it looks like evil TERFs are the ones who will beat them up in bathrooms. Sure, dudes. Your lives are totally in danger. 🙄

TiFs can use the women's bathroom. Why? Because they're women. This isn't hard. These convoluted bathroom politics are so stupid.

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Women want privacy from men in bathrooms? What a wild request! But who are trans people actually afraid of in bathrooms?

When actual women say we're afraid of men in our intimate spaces, we're painted as delusional man-hating bigots. But when a man in a dress cries that he's scared to be in intimate spaces with men, the Woke Crowd bends over backwards to accommodate his feelings and comfort him. The double standard is infuriating!

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the Woke Crowd bends over backwards to accommodate his feelings and comfort him

Because the only thing they have to do to accommodate him is to stomp all over women's boundaries, something they don't mind doing anyway.

[–] Boudicaea [OP] 4 points (+6|-2)

I actually don't think a transitioned TIF really should use the women's. A lot of the issue is that seeing men (or people who look a whole lot like actual men) in the bathroom will keep a lot of women from even being out in public. It makes a lot of women very scared to just be around them and undressed. TIFs generally pass way better than TIMs do, and I can see a TIF being forced into our bathrooms causing some of the same issues that make it problematic for TIMs or men to be in there.

[–] mycelium 5 points (+6|-1)

Not to mention a lot of TIFs try to pass by imitating misogyny. I've seen TIFs say some really violent things about women in an attempt to fit in. I wouldn't be surprised if some of them think harassing women in private spaces is some sort of rite of passage.

[–] [Deleted] 0 points (+0|-0)

The author of Self Made Man mentions in her book that she deflected suspicion at least once by acting misogynistically.

[–] diapason 4 points (+4|-0)

I think you might be overestimating the extent to which TiFs pass. Hormones don't make your hips go away ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Many TiFs may be able to superficially pass for male, but not for adult men—a lot look more like teenage boys

[–] Boudicaea [OP] 1 points (+2|-1)

I've definitely met at least one who 100% passes in real life. I had no idea until she happened to mention. Some of them you would never know.

In reality, you have to use your common sense-- there are masculine looking women around, of course, and they should be able to use women's restrooms. Overall, I just want people to be treating our bathrooms like a place men just should not be, and giving trans women access erodes that. So does putting a passing transman in with us.

[–] feralfeminist 2 points (+2|-0)

TIMs are not afraid of men attacking them in the men's room, because it doesn't happen. If it did, it would be all over the headlines to "prove" their case. TIMs get attacked in women's restrooms instead, usually when a normal man waiting for a partner or female family member sees the TIM walk in and gets protective.

It's not about danger. It's about boners. They can't have their special laydeefeels to feed their fetishes if they don't get to do Woman!Stuffs.

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any sub on reddit that adds the T to the LGB, is per definition a trans sub and anything that goes against the Traffia's dogma is evil and must be eradicated. Reminds of what Hitler did.

If the real reason TIMs want to use the women's restroom was for their safety, then we would all be having a robust cultural discussion about how to keep predatory men who are willing to "pretend to be trans" out of the women's bathroom. Because those predatory men would also be able to hurt and harass TIMs inside the women's restroom. The fact that we can't even discuss the idea that SOME men might come in to the women's restroom for nefarious purposes (and what to do about that), tells me that the reason TIMs want to be in our spaces is not rooted in fears for their safety, but rather validation and colonization.