Other statements of the obvious welcome.

Other statements of the obvious welcome.


I was told today that gender critical women “stand with” the far Right government in Hungary by stating that sex is immutable and binary.

I suppose we also stand with the Chinese perpetrators of genocide against the Uighurs when we say that rain falls from the sky instead of rising from the ground.

We stand, no doubt, with eugenicists by saying that the earth revolves around the sun, because presumably they agree.

And I guess we stand with rapists by expecting ducklings to hatch out of duck eggs and snake hatchlings to emerge from snake eggs.

Insisting on the basic material facts of the natural world makes strange bedfellows, eh sisters?

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Why wouldn't it? A fact is a fact, it doesn't change by who's stating it. Being lumped in with people you disagree with politically is a good sign, people from all ideologies can use the tools of logic to come to the correct conclusion. The problem is, for most, the ideology has to allow for it first. Wokeness is what happens when otherwise intelligent people decide on the conclusions first and then start rationalizing them by cherrypicking facts and data that justify them. If you want to figure out the truth you have to work the other way around. Most people, of any ideology, just aren't willing to do that when it comes to their "pet issues".

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IF being gender critical is so far right then when do a lot of apolitical people agree with it too. Shit, even a lot of trans people think this whole I am non binary/genderqueer/multigender stuff is going too far.

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They always claim that "it's a human right because of the Yogyakarta Principle #3", what they don't realize is that that's merely a recommendation, and not anything binding or official, really.

They claim they are "human rights organizations" but it's just multiple trans rights lobbies that cross-reference each other. HRW, HRC, ILGA, TGEU, Amnesty, they're all the same.

Hungary also pretty much said "this is not actually a requirement nor an actual standard, so we have the right to reject it".

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banning males from women's sports is not a human right's violation...(FOR FUCK SAKES)

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It is a human right's violation - just not of the males. It violates the rights of the women.

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They don't believe us to be human, remember? Otherwise they wouldn't rao us and attack us so frequently

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Being addressed as you would prefer to be addressed is not a human right.

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Male people will always be male.

Female people will always be female.

You need a female and a male human to create more humans.

Surgically altering your body to look like the opposite sex doesn't make you the opposite sex. You might trick some people visually, that doesn't mean you have changed your sex. It just means you can trick people.

[–] Zhye_GC 9 points (+9|-0) Edited

Just the idea of "passing" by looks as a "cis person" is actually transphobic, because transness is an identity, and not a material thing (or something rooted in biology).

Surgical alteration to "match" a "sex" is rooted in cisnormative thinking and is therefore transphobic.

These TRAns people don't realize that they perpetrate the same thing they hate.

Although then again, transness being a social construct, therefore so is transphobia, therefore we're talking about made-up stuff that people made up because they were bored with themselves. GC would undo the shackles if they weren't holding onto their internalized sexism so deeply they'd turn it into an identity.

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A woman is an adult human female with XX chromosomes and the blueprint to be born with ovaries, fallopian tubes, and a uterus. And they produce large gametes.

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Being upset or insulted by someone calling you a name you don't like isn't a human rights violation. You have every right to be upset by it, of course, but claiming they're violating your civil rights by not referring to you the way you want (demand) they do is a whole new level of entitled.

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claiming they're violating your civil rights by not referring to you the way you want (demand) they do is a whole new level of entitled.

Transwomen demanding to be regarded as women comes across to me as male entitlement, ironically.

I realize they often have a very strong emotional investment in being considered to be women, coming out of emotional wounds perhaps.

But people with emotional wounds need to learn that the world can't revolve around their wounds and their needs.

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Anyone who has ever been to therapy knows that this is what they recommend for every other mental illness/trauma. It would be NICE if your boss would recognize your worth as an employee and your parents would acknowledge that you're a more helpful child than your loser brother who lives with your parents at 35 and plays X-Box all day. But hinging your self worth and identity on the validation of others is unhealthy. And, in the real world, you can only control your own thoughts and emotions. Other people don't owe you shit.

But that protocol goes out the window the moment a patient claims to be trans! Now, the recommended tactic is to validate everything they say, demand that others cater to the trans person's identity, and pass laws to FORCE the general public to coddle transgender delusions by constantly validating them!

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It is the darkside of growing up in a society that says you be you! Or you can be anything you want to be! When the fact is everyone has their limitations and there are some things you just can't change. Just because other societies may have 3rd genders, doesn't mean we should have them. Just because you desperately want to be called they/them doesn't mean people have to comply with this. People aso have the right to not think prostitution and porn is not empowering to women too.