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One even said I shouldn't touch politics. And yet I'd won the Orwell Prize for political journalism the year before.

Perfect example of gaslighting.

Blood boiling:

<The editor at the time, Peter Preston, took me out for lunch after I won Columnist of the Year at the British Press Awards and said: 'It must be nice to be a lady columnist. You can write about painting your toenails.' >

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Especially considering it's actually men who write long rambles about styling their nails.

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Highlights: he couldn't stand the feeling of the cold metal nail clipper on his fingers as a child (get help); women were impressed and envious when they saw he could do femininity better than them (no); his nails will help him in a fight (no); they make him appear more elegant and dainty (unlikely); gold glitter polish subverts bourgeoisie values (no)

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It's unfortunate the pics seem to have gone because for me the funniest bit was the contrast between the description and how they actually looked. Maybe it's archived?


Aha! https://archive.is/Q03pA . Scroll to the end for the punchline.

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She wrote a great piece on unherd about why she left if anyone's curious.

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Now that I have personally transitioned — my uterus no longer works, my estrogen has dropped — I have even less fucks to give than I did before. You can denounce me as much as you like but you cannot deny my life’s work of living somehow inside this female body. You cannot tell me it’s not real. It’s as real as it gets.