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‘If our message does not apply to you and you do not use women as rehabilitation centres then that is truly awesome but I invite you to hold space for another man who does struggle with this.

‘Trust me, there are plenty.’

Preach, brother.

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this is really awesome! i’m always heartened to see men doing something valuable, and i don’t say that facetiously. i don’t think feminism is for men, but i think we have potential allies in men who are willing to take a position against toxic masculinity.

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I had a freaking maintenance guy unload on me a couple weeks back. It was so obvious he went through a bitter divorce that wasn't a willing one on his end and pissed that she moved on.

Dude I just want the dripping from the ceiling to stop, I didn't sign up for some bonus misogyny.

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This is the sort of story that gives me hope for the future of humanity. Kudos to them all.

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