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By Finley’s own account, according to his[sic] lawsuit, he[sic] had known the Dawsons for roughly 20 years. When he[sic] moved from New York to California a few years ago, Finley told Out magazine that Dawson and her family gave him[sic] a place to live, a paying job, and that the actress had personally given him[sic] money to help with the relocation. It was around that time that Finley told them he[sic] was transitioning.

Deidre Finley sounds like a real asshole. She completely fucked over one of the most generous people she's ever met.

Edit: I hate Vanity Fair's framing of this whole matter. Well-funded civil lawsuits don't collapse like this unless the plaintiff had no case whatsoever. The lawyers bailed once they understood there was no discoverable evidence supporting their client's claims. I guarantee you they told her to drop the lawsuit. The article also failed to mention that the Court sanctioned Finley for abuse of discovery. Yet somehow Vanity Fair paints her as the protagonist?

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Like seriously wtf, an absolute backstabber. She literally gave her means to have a good life and this is what she does to her. These people have no integrity.

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I made a skeptical OP on r/GC doubting Finley's claims against Dawson shortly after Finley filed the lawsuit - and I got totally flamed for it! LOL.

ETA: in the thread I started on r/GC I noted that the lawsuit in which Finley alleged she was physical assaulted by Dawson's mother was a civil suit, not a criminal one - and that Finley had not made any reports to police complaining of or alleging wrongdoing that had led to criminal investigations, much less prosecutions.

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I see they had to get a jab at Carano in:

News of the case happened to coincide with her fellow Mandalorian star Gina Carano’s escalating fight with fans over her conservative views, election and mask mandate doubts and conspiracies, as well as a joke she had posted that was widely seen as mocking the pronoun choices of trans people.

Great. This is how Vanity Fair treats someone resisting compelled speech. Cool stance.

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I'm surprised they didn't find an excuse to write in a dig at JK Rowling. After all, all us TERFs know each other....

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This TIF sounds like a grifter and a liar.

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I’ve seen an over-representation of TIFs among grifters. Not as much as TIMs and plenty are great, if misguided women. I knew one, however, who was a serial litigant. She burned anyone who ever helped her.