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Senator Claire Chandler: *This morning, the Liberal Party’s Federal Council passed a motion supporting female-specific sports, facilities, and services, and condemning the abuse and threats against women who advocate on these matters. I am so proud of our Party for taking a strong stance on these issues, and I was honoured to speak in favour of the motion this morning. *

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Good grief, the Liberals doing something right for a change!

Exactly my thoughts!! I’m happy about the news, but also shocked and appalled it came from the liberals… how did we get here??

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Liberals are just talking plain obviossense. The question isn't 'how did liberals become correct about the most basic fact of reality?' Its 'how have Labor and Greens dropped the ball so fucking hard for so fucking long?'

Now if they could stop defunding firefighters and save the koalas… but this is a positive thing.

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Don't make me vote Liberal :/

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If you can support Claire, please do. The jury is still out on whether voting for any other Liberal is a great idea.

Are you in any danger of having to support Mark Latham?