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In response to a question about the message being sent by signing the bill at the beginning of Pride Month, DeSantis said, “It’s not a message to anything other than saying we’re going to protect fairness and women’s sports.”

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Gender extremists think everyone lives and dies by Pride Month but most people simply don't know when it is. Even if they do know, it doesn't mean they put their lives on hold.

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Besides, there are dozens and dozens of new trans holidays these days. Wasn't someone just upset that someone said something bad about Stonewall on "IDAHOT" or some such?

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"Democratic lawmakers argued that high school and college sports in Florida haven’t had an issue with transgender women in competition and warned that some transgender girls already playing sports would be kicked off their teams." If there are trans identifying boys already on sports teams, then you DO have a problem. Every one of those boys is taking the space from a girl, and using school resources earmarked for girls.

"The original transgender bill included mandatory genital inspections in order to enforce the law. But the version that passed will enforce it via birth certificates." No, it didn't. I read the legislation in both houses (House and Senate), and kept up with all amendments. I tracked these bills the whole legislative session and they did NOT include mandatory genital inspections. This is an outright lie.

This article also tries to read meaning into the fact that it is signed on the first day of Pride month, and will go into effect on the anniversary of the Pulse club shooting. These are coincidences, not facts. I thought the left was supposedly above conspiracy theories.

The article: kind of crappy. The events: hooray! Way to go Florida!

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There are two people in my life (one man, one woman) who remember when PE teachers did look down their drawers, or inspect them nude, before going into to pool to make sure they weren't hiding wearing underwear. Or to make sure they were wearing the right kind of underwear. Different schools in different states but the same era, early 70s. Don't know if any of you attending school at the same time had the same experience. But sometimes I wonder if this kind of outdated and ridiculous policy hasn't been resurrected from the dust bin of memory on purpose because it was something that had happened before and it was so horrible. One of the people I know would definitely throw herself in front of that ever happening again, despite that it is not and never will be happening. The guy, well, he was skeptical that anyone would seriously suggest that in the modern era - he was skeptical to begin with.

who remember when PE teachers did look down their drawers, or inspect them nude, before going into to pool

OUTRAGED !!!!!!!! I remember reading, maybe in the 80s, about a school strip searching a girl down to her tampon (because that detail stood out) regarding drugs. A UK friend got strip searched at the US airport once (90s?) because they accused her of drugs. I was horrified.

How did the PE thing not fall under "unreasonable search and seizure"? And why couldn't you wear underwear as well if you wanted to?

That "mandatory genital inspections" was total bull from the start. Strangio-style scare tactics. We've always been able to tell male and female apart. Most students will have known each other for a long time, as well. Not that many new kids come in, and all kids need vaccination certificates, etc. so they have medical paperwork showing male or female when they enroll in the school.

But I'm horrified by that in-your-underwear check. That sounds like pervy PE teachers at work. Disgusting.

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I believe what the law said is that a doctor had to verify the sex of the child (as part of a regular health check up) which could be done using a DNA test, original birth certificate, or physical exam. Which a pediatrician would do anyway as part of a yearly physical.

Somehow TRAs spun this into “Terfs want to legally require that gym teachers touch kids genitals” which is false on like 5 different levels

Ironically it’s TRAs that are pushing mandatory genital touching laws, when for instance, as in California starting this year, inspections of new inmates must be performed by an officer of the inmate’s gender preference. So legally, if you’re a female prison guard in California, you actually ARE mandated to touch the genitals of any prisoner at his request. (Anecdotally, one article I read suggested that male prison guards would just turn it around on the creepy inmates by saying “hey I identify as a woman too” which if true is hilarious and shows how absurd the whole law is)

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Yes, you're correct--they had the choice to present a chromosome test, original birth certificate, or doctor's note. I think also at one point in the legislation there was the choice to present a test that showed "naturally occurring hormone levels," not hormone levels while taking estrogen. Never, ever, ever, ever was the phrase "genital inspections" used in the legislation. However, that phrase pops up again and again in criticisms of this type of legislation, so I suspect it comes straight out of a TRA lobbyist handbook.

I love how he said sex on the birth certificate at the time of birth! Not these FAKE birth certificates where men rewrite history to claim they were born female.

EVERY report I found used Trans Demands language "bans transgender" -- I couldn't find it yet on a Women's Lib site, so I archived this one. Yes, it is some Christian (?) and/or Conservative site -- I didn't dig around. I was just HAPPY to read the headline the way it should be written:

BREAKING: DeSantis signs law keeping males out of female sports in Florida

If non-Woke sources bother you, don't click. But I archived it just to show one sane headline. NOT an endorsement of the whole site. Just showing the headline the Legacy Media should have used.


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I totally get what you are saying and appreciate the archive. It is so annoying that the only sites that are sane on this issue are abhorrent on so many other issues (especially pertaining to female rights and homosexuality, etc.) I hate that.

Can't stand DeSantis, but broken clocks and all that.

How hard are the TRAs seething over this, I wonder?

I checked the Strange-Strangio account to see if she was already filing her lawsuit, and didn't find her mention Florida yet. But she DOES have one up that says:

More anti-trans bills became law in 2021 than in the previous 10 years combined.

Gee, does she honestly not know why? Could it be because it's only recently when men won't stay the hell out of women's sports? And when doctors started mutilating children. Does she really not know the timeline? Isn't she over 35? Then she KNOWS when she was a teen GIRL that this was NOT a thing.

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I think a lot of these people must just be... really stupid. Unobservant inhabitants of a bubbled, self-absorbed existence.

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Close to 40. I can't believe Strangio doesn't wonder at how there were no trans kids back then. Strangio wasn't trans then, either. There's no way an 8 year old Kate Strangio would have denied being a girl. She was in all likelihood just a normal tomboy with no bodily distress.

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Yeah I mean I think DeSantis is both vile and an idiot over his Covid policies but doing this on June 1st, the timing is just chefs kiss.

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“First day of LGBTQ Pride Month and Gov. Ron DeSantis signs SB 1028 which bans trans kids from school sports.

Omg no one is banning trans kids from sports, they just have to play on the team of their biological sex... It's so frustrating to read things like this from politicians.

The newspapers write the headlines, not the politicians. DeSantis was very careful to frame this as protection of women's sports. I'm not a fan of his, but he's not stupid.

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That was a direct quote in the article from some other politician.

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Not a ban. Nobody is being prevented from participating in sports. They just have to participate in the correct category of their biological sex.

I hate this weaselly language becoming so mainstream. Denying transgender identifying individuals special privileges above and beyond any other citizen is not banning or depriving them of anything. It’s making sure everyone is ACTUALLY treated equally.

If a TIM demands I give him $20, and I say no, that’s not “banning” him from getting money, nor is it denying him a human right. But the headline would probably be “cruel terf denies transgender woman life saving right to access money” if these journalists had a say in it

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"Not a ban. Nobody is being prevented from participating in sports. They just have to participate in the correct category of their biological sex."

Perfectly plain. Excellent cogent description of what should happen. Thanks. I will be using this line!