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"Silicone Angel". Every time I think they can't come up with worse stripper names or delude themselves further...

"I'll have tits when I'm dead" We don't fucking care, honey. We're secure enough with our bodies.

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the things that they care about, and the things that they think we care about...it's insane.

and honestly, the way they go on about real women shows how profoundly not at peace they are. it's why they are so destructive. Being a woman, to them, is a fantasy, a sexual fantasy or fetish. Being a female human, to us, is our existence coupled with all the violation and other bullshit that trying to exist alongside males deranged by the last 10k years of animal herding has draped and smeared all over us.

One of my pet theories is domestication of animals dumbed down the human race because males began literally imitating the behaviors of lower order animals and bringing them into human relations. They began to act like the ungulates they herded (I believe it was the psychopathically cruel practices of culling/killing, sterilizing, castrating, dehorning, debeaking, etc etc etc that created toxic masculinity and also led to the transference of those behaviors onto children in the manner of fgm and circumcision). Traumatizing infants into mental illness in early childhood has led to the almost certain doom of our species. Forcing children to witness cruelty to animals on a regular basis in animal husbandry doesn't help either. Also there is a documented period of brain shrinkage in humans over the last 10k years that coincides with the advent of animal husbandry and the cessation of gatherer/hunter cultures.

It's a perfect trainwreck of the collision of a very intelligent animal brain of a PRIMATE with all this influence on masculinity and herd animal behaviors from freaking ungulates. Also didn't help in terms of the land ownership required to own herds which meant the most psychopathic and dishonest males climbed to the top of society. I'm sure it was all probably inevitable due to human population explosion, but it truly has been hell on earth for females. The more I research the more I'm convinced that culture prior to animal herding cults was matrilineal, with some remnant cultures like the Basques, the Picts, and the Mosuo of Lugu Lake. Animal herding cults have made humanity irredeemably stupid and and with the proliferation of islam it's about to get a whole lot worse. (Which is not to say that the threat might not come from China whom a lot of folks are raising alarms about understandably...there is no reason for them not to try their hand at world domination in the next few decades, they have everything they need to give it a go.)

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Honestly??? My theory is modernization has given the adult male too much free time, so he spends much of it fantasizing about sex which leads to perversions. End of story.

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yes honestly. There is documentation for matrilineal cultures. If you look at tribal gatherer hunter tribes there is a LOT of free time in those cultures. The males go hunting now and then, and stay gone for a few days, but it is nothing like a full time job. It is technology with the advent of porn tubes that created our porn sick culture, I can attest to this as a gen Xer that was alive before hand.

this doesn't account for why cultures like the Mosuo in Lugu lake have no word in their language for rape and the concept is inconceivable to them, the same was true of some indigenous American cultures. What changed in our human history to allow human males to subjugate and colonize femaleness? It wasn't technology, and it certainly wasn't porn. That's very recent history, but it doesn't explain the massive change in human consciousness that led to the patriarchy and inundated our consciousness to where some people, especially most males, really believe that patriarch is the natural state of human affairs despite all the evidence to the contrary. three decades of research on my end formed my theories. I stand by them.

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dear lord i dont even like to think about the "proliferation of Islam", i get genuinely afraid about that. i guess is in 2050 that Europe will be full muslim, right? I'll probably be alive, don't want to tho

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that's when it's projected to overtake Christianity as the majority world religion. Oddly I went on tiktok the other night and literally three unrelated creators said they had had visions or prophetic dreams that China and Russia attacked the US. Freaky, huh? There is literally no reason for this not to happen, at least with regard to China. In which case it won't be islam but atheism that overtakes the world.