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Do they all have a humiliation fetish? How else to explain their incredible contempt for women, combined with their frantic desire to be women?

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It is hard to get into the heads of these men but my theory is as follows: Man X is sexually attracted to women. Man X grows up in a society where men are encouraged to feel entitled to women. Man X is not successful with women for whatever reason and rather than work on himself, develops a deep loathing for women (as is encouraged by society) which is connected to a deeper self-loathing. Man X begins to correlate sexual desire, jealousy of others, hatred of women and hatred of himself. He develops kinks of self degradation, acting out a stereotype of the 2D ‘bimbo slut’ - a fantasy Man X has created through his own thwarted desires, misogyny and self hatred. This can end up with him not wanting to fuck women any more and be ‘used’ by men - it’s a warped revenge of sorts. (Man X alternatively goes down the transbian path of forcing women to partake in his misogynistic humiliation fetish, or sometimes he will end up doing both)