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I support all eleven year olds being exposed to radical feminism.

[–] [Deleted] 25 points (+25|-0)

Love the Harry Potter reference. :)

[–] GenderHeretic [OP] 24 points (+24|-0)

I love your username! I identify as a Ravenclaw, hahaha. I also like Hufflepuff but it's full of genderspecials.

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you're so right about Hufflepuff - I think it's because of the idea that Hufflepuff is the "kind" house and these people love repeating "be kind" if the focus was on the "unafraid of toil" bit things would be different, lol

They don't seem to get that the house that accepts everyone wouldn't have everyone walking on eggshells lest they be Cancelled.

if the focus was on the "unafraid of toil" bit things would be different, lol

YES! Hahaha

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damn I'm a Hufflepuff but you are not wrong

[–] coconut 5 points (+5|-0)

I'm a Hufflepuff, too. I'm a Hufflepuff group on Facebook and every day there are three I JUST REALIZED I'M NONBINARY! CAN I GET A HUFFLEHUG? posts. I get sorted into Ravenclaw about 30% of the time and I think I'm gonna leave the Hufflepuff group in favor of a Ravenclaw one.

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Yes, I got sorted into Hufflepuff but 11-year-old me would have definitely asked the hat to put me in Slytherin, lol.

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lmao. The fire is truly on point. TRAs are bullies just like Dudley too.

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I laughed so much i wish mine was this mystical. it was in my imagination though

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