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It's not just about looking better, it's also about looking female. You could take the most beautiful no make up TIM and you'd still be able to clock him immediately because of his body shape compared to the average woman's bodyshape.

Of course there are women with more masculine body types. But on average, there is a big difference in build between males and females, no matter what medication someone takes.

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Yep. If Nia Jax came out to wrestle Nyla Rose we would all know who is actually the female, despite similar body types. [(This response probably makes no sense to anyone, but it involves professional wrestling. (It was the "bring to the ring" statement.)]

Also, (this is a bit of power leveling) I got to see Nia debut at a dark show! So happy about that! She was very green then, and I think she has a ways to go, but it has been really cool getting to see her work. I like her on the mike, now. She's much more confident.

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I had never heard of either of them so I just googled images and then checked to see if my assumption on who's the TIM was correct - and it was, of course, lol.