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I occasionally see /r/askgaybros arguing about whether transmen are men and if it's transphobic to not have sex with them. A few years ago, the TRA cult only targeted lesbians and straight women because they knew women were easier targets, and it's wild that they're now going after gay and straight men. (Big shout-out to the superstraight movement for that brief flash of sanity and actually caring about lesbians.) I think they're grossly overplaying their hand, and the whole house of cards is going to collapse soon. And when it does, everyone will pretend that this was like the Satanic panic, where they all knew it was absurd and people who say otherwise are blowing things out of proportion.

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they're grossly overplaying their hand

I agree. They're in for a rude awakening, especially with hetero dudes who will not only quickly tell them to F off, but will very loudly tell the world about how ridiculous TRAs are. And unlike us, the hetero dudes will be listened to and taken seriously.

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So this is me spitballing because I'm straight af. But just from seeing the communities on reddit and from various gay and lesbian podcasts, i get the following impression:

  • lesbian spaces have been completely annihilated, they can't take a step without tripping over girlcock. Older lesbians just completely withdrew, while a lot younger lesbians basically agree to corrective rape with men

  • lesbian spaces seem to be filled with bisexual, or even just straight women, who loudly proclaim their love for girldick, i don't see much equivalences with bisexual men in the gay community

  • gay spaces seem mostly untouched, but the cracks are forming. Also here i think older gays either say nope or withdraw, while younger gays seem to be split between "terfy" ones and wokes, the latter trying to "get over" their homosexuality

  • in both cases, the younger the people the more they are fucked, as if they go full TERF they are immediately shunned from their community, they either keep quiet or leave their communities

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it's because homosexual spaces have a weak link: bisexuals who act like sexual tourists. Transexuals barely have any power within the homosexual communities. It's the bisexual who intend on living "normal lives" that come in and burn these places down. There's a "B with the T" movement within the LGBT acronym because apparently, the bisexual woman with 3 kids and a husband doesnt feel welcome in lesbian spaces or her problems arent related to homophobia so theyre of no concern to lesbians so now it's "war" against the evil Lesbians and Gays. If you go into these subreddits, bisexuals dont seem to understand lesbian and gay communities have multiple dimensions all fused into one: theyre political, cultural, and are needed for humanization of same sex attraction. theyre not just all about alcohol, rainbow stickers and pride parades. So bisexuals end up coming into these spaces and inviting the transexuals along with them. These transexuals are successfully having sex with bisexuals and theyre content with just being "experiments" so they stick around for that reason. And the gay community is already "gone". There arent cracks. It's a full blown canyon sized hole.

if you click on this link, here's what vulnerable, isolated gay boys are experiencing within their own "spaces".


if you go on subreddits for women who think theyre gay men trapped in female bodies (TIF's), it's almost nothing but complaints that they get constant sex BUT from bisexual men and they know why. "Women wont give it up as easily as us and thats why bisexual men use us..they dont even see us as men". It's insane. And it's the lowest of the low and most hideous and sexually repulsive type of men these girls are willing to sleep with. They have such a warped view of the gay community that they think it's normal for an 18 year old girl (TIF) to talk to obese 57 year old men with sagging breasts bigger than theirs. It's horrifying but theyre proud of it and think it's some sort of validation. These girls dont actually have access to gay males of any age. But they have access to the most degenerate creepy looking monsters you'll ever see like they came out of a hollywood horror film and they consider that "normal".

i hate how they invade gay/lesbian spaces but when you go into their subs, jesus christ. They will sleep with ANYONE for validation and have absolutely no limits. NONE. And these girls genuinely look attractive and feminine and could probably summon 100 incredibly handsome men to jump through hoops to even go out on a date with them but theyre stuck negotiating with 57 year old bisexual men who look like theyre carrying 8 babies in their stomachs on whether he TRULY sees her as a man or not.

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I think a lot of people who identify as bi are not. Married women who want to fulfill their husband’s dreams of a poly relationship, angsty dudes who will experiment but are destined to be straight, and gay/lesbian people who wish that they could be straight. None of these people are committed to the needs of gays and lesbians. They have no skin in the game and volunteer g and l to sacrifice their spaces.

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There is so much truth to this, but bi girls get pissed when you bring this up. I remember when being gay wasn't cool and lesbian spaces had 99% lesbians in them. Some of them would come in and say they want their girl to try dick once or blah blah dicks not so bad.

We didn't tolerate it and kicked them. The bi women who preferred women weren't the problem. Some of them would even complain about other bi's constant dick obsession in a lesbian space. You know there's a problem when I can't say I don't like penis without getting canceled in a lesbian group.

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Question: would a superfebfem be welcome in lesbian spaces? Like technically she has the capacity to be attracted to men but is so repulsed by them and their socialization that she is committed to only romantically and sexually engaging with biological women? Perhaps she dated men in the past?

I’ve heard many different opinions on this from various lesbians online. Curious what you think since you seem to have thought a lot about this.

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Jesus, that link. I couldn't get through the whole thing, but the one that posted a selfie with the words "Gay men who don't like pussy are missing out. Just look at me." had me laughing. She looked like my aunt Hilda.

I wonder if the TiF gay trend is the result of yaoi (Japanese erotic manga for women, featuring gay men) being so prevalent. The bottoms are deliberately drawn to be very feminine-looking, because it's written to appeal to women who want to watch dudes having sex, but also wearing pretty clothes, and imagining that they're the one getting it on with the hot dude. Problem with that is: gay men don't read yaoi. It's not written for them. Gay manga porn for gay men is filled with burly manly looking dudes. It's the same thing as AGPs being motivated by watching lesbian porn. I swear, people have lost the ability to distinguish fantasy from reality. And porn rots peoples' brains.

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There are no more "young" gays/lesbians. They're all either full on trans now or they're some variety of trans masc non binary pansexual or other such nonsense. "lesbian" is no longer a desirable label for young women because it's well known that "lesbian" is nothing more than a porn category, so the only young women who use that label are ones who obviously want to be sexualized and chased by men (not my words).

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I've seen some surge in younger lesbians claiming the label on TikTok and Instagram, but they're of a specific type. Slightly butch, long hair, a very sporty "backwards baseball cap" aesthetic, usually they play soccer professionally (it's always soccer!) and I know a handful in real life. They walk the line where no one would insist they're meant to be trans men, because they aren't butch enough, but they also aren't femme necessarily. This subcategory of lesbians are the only ones I can find but they do seem to be thriving.

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yeah you pretty much got it. I am shaken by what has happened to my local community.

Satanic Panic believers had psychiatrists on their side, sensationalist TV, Evangelicals, and law enforcement were concerned. But it was never government sanctioned. It was never made law to recite that Satanic cults are everywhere and killing babies. We never had to validate those who believed or peddled that crap under penalty of hate crime laws. This Male Sexual Fetish Takeover runs far deeper.

Erasing gay people is just a bonus to them.

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I don't know if anyone here follows Chad, but he's a gay man who used to think he was trans (he admits to still having gender dysphoria). He's conservative, but he also is HIV+, gender dysphoric, and a great source for a different POV in this war against homosexuals.

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Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences. If the Law of the Penis states that another dick must be present, then so be it. If the Law of the Penis states that there must be a receiving end for one's desire to inflinct violence, then so be it. Questioning the things men need to get off is the biggest taboo, especially in woke culture. Maybe these "gay men" were trans themselves? I usually only see women obsessing and self-flagellating over their "transphobia" (because they are the ones who are being targeted by accusations of transphobia 99% of the time).

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Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences

Historically, there have been many, many gay men who tried to convince themselves they didn't really want sex with other men and they could be perfectly happy with a woman. Forgive the vulgarity, but gay men trying to work up a boner for trans boypussy is just another verse in a very old song.

Forgive the vulgarity, but gay men trying to work up a boner for trans boypussy is just another verse in a very old song.

Yeah you're right about that, I didn't think about it that way. But it makes sense, and it just goes to show how women who transition are still seen as belonging to the "woman" category more than the "man" category.

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It's for YT.

Probably need to pander to their new "woke queer" viewership who complain about them not tackling "trans" issues.

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gay males, especially younger ones are the hyper focus for some of this stuff and being painted as evil. this site rightly focuses on AGP men assaulting, harassing and slandering women, especially lesbians about "breaking their homosexuality" by accepting girl dick but the gay and lesbian world dont always share information and it's just as hateful, dehumanizing and homophobic within the gay male world. I think you're confusing heterosexual men with homosexuals. One sort of killed and murdered the other for fun for over 2000 years and begrudgingly resents the other for being slowly recognized as human. Your analysis might be a little off.

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Thanks for that link, I truly didn't know gay men were targeted for "transphobia" that much. I stand corrected in my assumption that women are targeted "99% of the time". It's obviously not as clear-cut. Somehow, however, pressuring women into accepting dicks inside their bodies seems more rapey than women trying to convince gay men of pussy. It's the same homophobia, but one group actually has physical power over the other and regularly threatens the other with sexual violence / sees sex as a punishment for dissenting women ("choke on my girld*ck" and such). Still doesn't make it okay that gay men are told to "overcome their pussyphobia" and such nonsense and I apologize for trivializing the way gay men are targeted. ETA: ugh, I read a lot of the posts now and some do also say men need to take a strap on up the ass because they take penis. Like WTF, it's the same exact thing as for lesbians, only in reverse. I want to scream, this is corrective rape. I especially hated "If you're gay and don't date trans men, you're not gay". Well, pray tell, what are they then??? Even if someone is a "bigoted" gay for only dating biological men, they're still gay FFS! You can't erase a sexuality because it doesn't include you. Damn.

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Gay men aren't threaten with rape and death threats. It's more "I hate Cis Gays." "Cis Gays are a problem." I hate Cis Gays" They know they're women too. There was a " Trans hets>>>>>Cis Gay being repeated in the Twitterverse. Now they are saying AFAB: Assigned Fxxxxt At Birth.

But this has only been going on 5 years. The Cotton Ceiling arguments started year 10 as of March 12, 2021.

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rape is rape no matter how it is perpetrated. claiming that penetration is 'more' traumatic than anything else kind of summarily dismisses many women's experiences of rape, including rape experienced as children. rape takes many forms, not all of it involves a penetrating penis. let's not undermine what gay men are being subjected to and its potential for long lasting damage.

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this repeatedly comes up as an issue on this site. straight women, please consider what you DON'T know about the LGB community before making generalisations about our experiences. there is a lot of covert homophobia going on. I get that it's not intentional, but c'mon. this site is meant to be for thinking a little harder about things.

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Generation Z Gay men trying to Genderqueer Heterosexuality in the fight against Transphobia.

Days Whithout Trans Nonsense: 0

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picoseconds without trans nonsense: 0

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I'm not sure what the endgame is here. Do TQ++ want to convert homosexuals to bisexuality?

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Trust your gut--if you're nauseated at the thought, there's a very good reason.

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This is so upsetting. Young gay men and lesbians are trying to force themselves into heterosexual relationships because they're so terrified that their natural sexual orientation is bigoted against genderspecials.

It distresses me that in all the discussions about sexual consent, I am seeing nothing - outside radfem spaces like Ovarit - that comes close to an unequivocal statement that: No one owes anyone else sex. Sexual activity is not a "right" to be demanded. No one owes anyone physical intimacy to make another person "feel special". No one owes anyone a validation shag. EVER. To say otherwise is to endorse coercion.