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Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences. If the Law of the Penis states that another dick must be present, then so be it. If the Law of the Penis states that there must be a receiving end for one's desire to inflinct violence, then so be it. Questioning the things men need to get off is the biggest taboo, especially in woke culture. Maybe these "gay men" were trans themselves? I usually only see women obsessing and self-flagellating over their "transphobia" (because they are the ones who are being targeted by accusations of transphobia 99% of the time).

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this repeatedly comes up as an issue on this site. straight women, please consider what you DON'T know about the LGB community before making generalisations about our experiences. there is a lot of covert homophobia going on. I get that it's not intentional, but c'mon. this site is meant to be for thinking a little harder about things.