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Weird, because it doesn't sound like men at all to question their own sexual preferences. If the Law of the Penis states that another dick must be present, then so be it. If the Law of the Penis states that there must be a receiving end for one's desire to inflinct violence, then so be it. Questioning the things men need to get off is the biggest taboo, especially in woke culture. Maybe these "gay men" were trans themselves? I usually only see women obsessing and self-flagellating over their "transphobia" (because they are the ones who are being targeted by accusations of transphobia 99% of the time).

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gay males, especially younger ones are the hyper focus for some of this stuff and being painted as evil. this site rightly focuses on AGP men assaulting, harassing and slandering women, especially lesbians about "breaking their homosexuality" by accepting girl dick but the gay and lesbian world dont always share information and it's just as hateful, dehumanizing and homophobic within the gay male world. I think you're confusing heterosexual men with homosexuals. One sort of killed and murdered the other for fun for over 2000 years and begrudgingly resents the other for being slowly recognized as human. Your analysis might be a little off.

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Thanks for that link, I truly didn't know gay men were targeted for "transphobia" that much. I stand corrected in my assumption that women are targeted "99% of the time". It's obviously not as clear-cut. Somehow, however, pressuring women into accepting dicks inside their bodies seems more rapey than women trying to convince gay men of pussy. It's the same homophobia, but one group actually has physical power over the other and regularly threatens the other with sexual violence / sees sex as a punishment for dissenting women ("choke on my girld*ck" and such). Still doesn't make it okay that gay men are told to "overcome their pussyphobia" and such nonsense and I apologize for trivializing the way gay men are targeted. ETA: ugh, I read a lot of the posts now and some do also say men need to take a strap on up the ass because they take penis. Like WTF, it's the same exact thing as for lesbians, only in reverse. I want to scream, this is corrective rape. I especially hated "If you're gay and don't date trans men, you're not gay". Well, pray tell, what are they then??? Even if someone is a "bigoted" gay for only dating biological men, they're still gay FFS! You can't erase a sexuality because it doesn't include you. Damn.

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Gay men aren't threaten with rape and death threats. It's more "I hate Cis Gays." "Cis Gays are a problem." I hate Cis Gays" They know they're women too. There was a " Trans hets>>>>>Cis Gay being repeated in the Twitterverse. Now they are saying AFAB: Assigned Fxxxxt At Birth.

But this has only been going on 5 years. The Cotton Ceiling arguments started year 10 as of March 12, 2021.

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rape is rape no matter how it is perpetrated. claiming that penetration is 'more' traumatic than anything else kind of summarily dismisses many women's experiences of rape, including rape experienced as children. rape takes many forms, not all of it involves a penetrating penis. let's not undermine what gay men are being subjected to and its potential for long lasting damage.