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The idea that you're not cool enough or normal enough if you're not down to do X Y or Z kink, and that if you don't comply, you'll probably get cheated on because you're way too frigid.

Its so vile. Young girls are being trained to believe that they're unworthy of love or a relationship if they won't submit to whatever depraved sexual shit a man wants. And that they're boring and unlovable if they don't want to be poly, do BDSM, anal, get choked in bed, etc. But there's no pressure on men to be decent lovers because that's not "kinky" enough.

Also, I die a little inside whenever I see kink-shaming equated to actual bigotry

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I’ve become so irritated with the common (straight male) response that a woman not wanting to do anal is somehow homophobic.

We don’t have prostates! There is literally nothing in it for us save the reputation that we’re “cool”.