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That is simply not true of Lesbians and Gay males who, for example, only have full legal rights in something like 26 states (or only half of the states in the United States of America. The fact that the government and corporations wave our flag and toss sponsorship outmoded RT for one month a year in acts of gaywashing mean nothing. Trust me, we are still oppressed. Don’t conflate Lesbians and Gays with transgender people.

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Yeah, it's just more faux progressive crap when they "wave our flag." It's trendy to pretend to be a good person suddenly, and anyone who wants to openly be a bigot is called a Boomer. This is where we are. Messed up clown world.

And lesbians are most definitely oppressed. I can't hold my girlfriend's hand in public, get married wherever I want, or avoid having my kids taken on a whim. Hell, I was kicked out of the military for being gay and it fucked up my life. I wound up homeless later. And while I was homeless, I made friends with a butch lesbian who publicly got her ass beat because the man didn't like butch lesbians . . . This is oppression.

This shit never happens to TIMs. And if it did, they would take off the dresses and go back to "boy mode" so fast . . .