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Its so true. There is no valid reason why a person should be able to change their legal sex but not their legal age, race/ethnicity, height, parentage, etc. Its insane that society is making an exception for gender feels

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Also their argument that sex is nothing more than a social construct falls apart when you imagine trying to use the same logic with any other immutable category. Some people act mature / immature for their age or develop faster / physically age slower than others, does that mean age can be self-identified ? Of course not. Race is much more of a construct than sex - at least scientifically, and is a genuine ‘spectrum’ - so can you can be trans-race? No. Sex is a more unambiguous category than any other one we use - so why is it alone the sole category that anyone can decide for themselves? It’s madness.

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It's fear. To question sex stereotypes is to question the whole of the human species. Our cultures, beliefs, institutions, history, practices. Anyone that is self-aware and honest with themselves will realize that those stereotypes are fundamentally predicated upon so many layers of utter bullshit, that pretty soon, one's entire worldview, and their place in it, begins to unravel. And that scares the ever-loving shit out of them.

So it's better to remain comfortable in your nice little bubble. At the end of the day, for better of for worse, the information age and all that has been wrought of it has made us, relatively overnight, simultaneously more interconnected yet more collectively insular than ever before in our modern history.

That's no small thing.

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Age is a really good example here. Lots of people look younger than they are, and lots of people claim to be younger than they are, but none of that actually makes them younger. A seventy-year-old woman can celebrate her "fortieth" every year, and people smile and sing, but they all know she isn't really forty and no one is going to let her join a scientific study for women under forty-five (for example).

I'll be forty-eight in a couple of weeks, and I'm a little down about it. I look a lot younger--I still get carded fairly regularly--and that's nice, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm almost forty-eight. People tell me it should make me feel better that I look thirty-two, but until looking thirty-two gives me back the fertility, energy levels, and sex drive of a thirty-two-year-old woman...yeah, it doesn't. Appearance isn't magic; looking thirty-two isn't making my periods start up again or giving me an extra decade and a half of life. That seems like pretty basic fact to me, and yet...

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If anything, there’s a stronger claim for trans age identity than trans gender! I actually have experienced being ten years old, so I’m in a position to know what being ten “feels like” whereas a man can never possibly know what it’s like to be a woman. Age is clearly a social construct, and is on a spectrum. It has a biological component that doesn’t necessarily track ones real age - look at conditions like syndrome x where people remain babies forever, or progeria where people rapidly age.

There is also a venerable history of people identifying as different ages - I think it was Nabokov who said something like every 60 year old man really feels he is 23. There is a giant industry dealing with “age dysphoria”- people routinely cut up their bodies or undergo painful procedures in order to appear youthful. For some individuals, appearing to be old generates a huge amount of psychological distress.

So why haven’t the postmodernists made trans age a thing yet? Why hasn’t Judith butler said that age is just a performance? The pedigree of trans age is just as good as trans gender , and it’s no more ridiculous to let a 49 year old declare he is a child than it is to let a man declare he is a woman.

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That's a really fascinating argument. Thank you!

(Of course, there are some trans women who do claim to be "little girls," which is even more gross.)

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People tell me it should make me feel better that I look thirty-two

I can't stand people who say that. It's because they have no idea what's really like to look young.

I also have the baby face syndrome. I really don't see it as an advantage. It mostly means that no one takes me seriously, teenagers and young twenty-somethings won't stop hitting on me (I'm almost forty . . .) because they think I'm their age, perverted men target me because they think I'm a teenager, older people and people my own age talk down to me and are condescending . . . . It's really not great. I would actually give anything to look my actual age just to have some damn basic respect from complete strangers, instead of always being treated like a clueless child.

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I hear you, sister! A couple of years ago I took my stepdaughter and daughters (SD was 24--but also dresses and looked younger--and daughters were 14 and 17 at the time) to Macy's. I was renovating my kitchen (did most of the work myself!) and wanted to get a few accessories for my new stand mixer, so I took myself, my girls, and my Macy's card to the homewares section to see what there was, and picked out a couple of things.

At first I was really puzzled why the saleswoman, who'd been lurking around us since we got there, demanded to know what bridal registry my items were from, and why she was being so rude and dismissive (and refusing to let me choose my Star Rewards--with a Macy's card you earn points for percentages off and cashback; they're supposed to let you look at your available rewards and pick which you want to use, but she skipped over that section). It wasn't until she called us "Young ladies," (in a really smarmy tone) and said something about how the Rewards were supposed to be for the card's owner that I realized she thought we were a bunch of entitled brats and that I was shopping with my mother's card. I was forty-five damn years old and I was being condescended to and treated like a spoiled teenager by a saleswoman, in front of my daughters.

And that wasn't the first time, nor was it the last; it just stands out because it was so blatant. (My favorite was the time I was on a flight and the flight attendant asked me where my Mommy was. I was twenty-two.) I do woodworking and DIY as a hobby & to make a little extra cash, and being a woman is bad enough in some hardware stores, but being a baby-faced woman can make them a nightmare. My husband's hair is almost entirely gray (as is his beard), and sometimes people give us funny looks when we're out together holding hands, like he's some kind of perv.

The worst part is how it makes me doubt myself; I'm constantly walking away from interactions wondering what I said or did that made people so condescending or dismissive; was I rude? Did I have a tone in my voice or something that made them think I was being a jerk to them? It actually wasn't until just now seeing your post that I've realized how many of those situations can be explained by people thinking I'm an officious child rather than an adult woman. So thank you, thank you for that! I just mentioned it to my husband and he was like, "Yeah, you didn't know that?" Duh. No...I just thought there was something about me that made me unlikable, no matter how polite and friendly I try to be. I'm looking back and seeing so many interactions now in a different light.

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"How strong must stereotypes be that people believe they can be used as a proxy for sex itself."

Sums up perfectly how gender ideology is built on sexism.

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Identifying as another ethnicity, age, or height would have material advantages for many people in the world if they were actually treated as the make-believe ethnicity, etc. People rarely do that and can be punished if they are caught, depending on the circumstances.

"Identifying" as the opposite sex allows a very small group of heterosexual men with a sexual paraphilia to force the rest of the world to indulge a fantasy that gets them off sexually. That is why it's an exception. It's sole purpose is men and their dicks.

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It's funny because I do sometimes wonder why there aren't more "trans racial" people who use albinism or vitiligo in the same way that the transgender community uses intersex conditions. People who want to play at being another race/ethnicity could easily use the same playbook as the transgender movement, but there's an implicit understanding that those bullshit semantical arguments wouldn't work in that context. Generally speaking, people aren't going to even bother arguing that race is a social construct and it's a spectrum that includes multiracial people who can "pass" as other races. But, plenty of people are more than willing to entertain those arguments for something as fundamental & immutable as biological sex.

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I have often used the argument that I should be able to identify as an eight year old girl and then join their basketball/netball team. I would clearly have a huge advantage being a lot taller than the average eight year old girl. The same people who scoff at the idea as being ridiculous are fine with the TIMs in women's sports though.......

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it really makes no sense. You know what I think is hilarious, trans activist should be the first one's to happily support transracialism/transageism since they love to decunstruct everything and call it "fluid", but they know damn well that people can tolerate sexism, but not racism/pedophilia. I've seen Sam Lux's new video and he basically mocked this transkorean, nonbinary guy who recently "came out". So.... it's totally fine for transgender individuals to mock all the other trans people, who say that their experience is real..? And isn't their philosophy to never question people's identities? Wouldn't transracials (according to tra logic) be the most oppressed, since they aren't even supported by their own community, despite their hypocritical "intersectional feminism" (HAHA I love using their own "logic"). They think it's offensive to transgender people, since it undermines their experience and actual dysphoria (interesting how they love to bring it up, only to argue against other trans people. But they never use it against nonbinaries...) BUT the moment women say that saying transwomen are women undermines OUR experiences, we are bigots. It would be hilarious if it weren't so painfully stupid and hypocritial.

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It´s an exception because there´s people with money behind astroturfing this whole movement to satisty their fetishes and make money selling drugs and surgeries. Basically, it´s all about men getting off their fetishes and men making money.