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This is also partly why women are rarely considered to be geniuses. We are too nice, too witty, too calm, too well-rounded, too polite.

And if we're not, we don't get called "geniuses", we get called "bitches".

[–] CharieC 20 points (+20|-0) Edited

To be fair, I don't think it's just men who get confused by that. Or, y'know, a lot of trendy popcultural tendencies. This "edgy and gritty" crap affects us all. It doesn't take men much at all to believe themselves geniuses though, that's on point.

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This post reminded me of my mom, who loves the shows House MD and Doc Martin. Both shows feature arrogant, rude, caustic, 'genius' doctors. Then she had an appointment with a neurologist who acted just like those two characters, and she fucking hated it, didn't get anything out of it, and never went back for her follow-up appointment. It's popular to glorify anti-social assholes, but the truth is that a complete lack of social skills, and "bedside manner" in the case of doctors, aren't proof of intelligence and can be detrimental both socially & professionally.

[–] lucrecia 18 points (+18|-0)

Yep, this was like half the men at my first job. There's also the correlate, 'S/he is polite so s/he must be stupid and should be paid less'. They saw social skills as a sign of intellectual inferiority. Though I suppose it did mean that there was never a dull day because they were constantly getting into fights, sometimes with the clients.

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Correlation not equalling causation and taking care to determine direction of causality are some of the first things taught as important when a student begins to be expected to read, understand, and cite academic papers in their work. It's too bad men are more concerned with using the appearance of being right to dominate others, rather than with actually learning how to be accurate in their understanding.

[–] feralfeminist 3 points (+3|-0)

Orrrr remember that men own most media, so who's doing the portraying? This may wind up a chicken-and-egg argument.

[–] antandro 2 points (+3|-1)


And when they come to college, you have to beat it out of them with a virtual stick. I have WAY too much experience with having to do this. As for talking to women, it's utterly impossible to get them to interact on a human level until they realize that no, they are not the apex predator in the jungle, and in fact they have a lot to learn before they should feel free to express their opinions, and their experience "winning" Twitter/Discord "arguments" is quite worthless.