After the event was cancelled last year, due to the pandemic of course, I'm so glad that this year it's back. Watching the Eurovision Song Contest for as long as I can think with my family, I'm looking forward to the three shows so much. We all can use some positive distraction, I guess.

The two semi-finals will be next tuesday and thursday, and next saturday is the day for the grand finale.

So, are any of you watching? If so, do you have any favourites among the participants? I'm a bit bummed that my favourites from last year are not as strong this year, but I have high hopes for Italy, Iceland and Lithuania nonetheless.

After the event was cancelled last year, due to the pandemic of course, I'm so glad that this year it's back. Watching the Eurovision Song Contest for as long as I can think with my family, I'm looking forward to the three shows so much. We all can use some positive distraction, I guess. The two semi-finals will be next tuesday and thursday, and next saturday is the day for the grand finale. So, are any of you watching? If so, do you have any favourites among the participants? I'm a bit bummed that my favourites from last year are not as strong this year, but I have high hopes for Italy, Iceland and Lithuania nonetheless.


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So with both semi-finals over, I thought the first one was much stronger. I really liked Lithuania and Ukraine, I'm from Belgium myself so very biased but I thought our entry was pretty good, and Malta was fun. From Thursday's show, the only one I really liked was Portugal, and from the previews of the automatically placed countries Italy was my favourite.

Also sad that Iceland's song this year is not as good as Think About Things. But all in all everyone I wanted to go through got through, though I would've taken Austria along and ditched Bulgaria or one of the trashy ones.

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That's my impression as well. Such a boring semifinal. Portugal and Finland were the only ones that were sticking out. Latvia would have been nice, but the performance felt so... fake? poseur-y? Trying too hard? Like she doesn't even believe in the performance herself? Nice dress though.

Belgium has a nice song :)

Edited to add: I'm rooting for Ukraine. Their song has very deep roots in folk culture, and they also deliver.

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I remember that dress! Can't go wrong with emerald green. That's probably why I also liked that dark green jumpsuit the singer for Ireland wore, though I guess that was a bit mundane for Eurovision. You could wear that thing irl 😄

Yeah, I was kind of neutral on Latvia, there was something about the way she sings that rubbed me the wrong way? I don't know. There's a part in their song that sounded really familiar to me, took a few listens before I realized I was thinking of Kendrick Lamar's Humble, so I had fun figuring that out, haha.

I think Ukraine might be my favourite as well. Definitely stands out from the rest, it's really catchy, not in English, and the singer looks super cool.

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Wow, I haven't seen the video (I go into Eurovision without knowing any songs, except that of my own country) - there it sounds and looks so much better than the live performance. I now have pa ra ra, pa ra ra, pa ra ra pa stuck in my head :D

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I'll try to watch if not too busy! I like discussions like these because it's always interesting to see other people's top 3s. I've listened to all the songs a few times but don't remember the performances of the countries you mentioned so they must not have stood out to me at all. What specifically appealed to you about each of them?

Personally, I quite like France's but think it's too mellow for such a competition. I love Russia's as well but there are a few in-jokes in it and I think you have to be a Russian-speaking woman to actually like it. People who don't speak Russian and aren't familiar with the culture don't get the funny parts (like how in the performance she wears a shirt that makes fun of Russians' English pronunciation, or how she mimics the criticism of others in the second verse, or how she uses a random English word in the last line of the refrain both to suit the rhythm as well as to reflect how Russians nowadays will occasionally do such a thing). The Russian speakers who don't like the song don't like it because a) the music doesn't suit their tastes, which is fair, b) it's feminist, and/or c) the singer isn't ethnic Russian.

The Czech entry, for some reason, is also one I often return to.

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Oh, thanks for all this extra info! Somehow I avoided learning Russian (very unusual for people from my country and for my age), but it was so lovely to see a completely different song than what usually gets sent.

Some of those points would also fit my country. Speaking random English words as a badge of "Young educated city dweller" haha :D

Really sad about the ethnic part :(

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I haven't seen the actual staging yet, only short clips of the rehearsals, so I go purely by the videos and general appearance of the artists.

Italy: I love a decent rock song, and they are an actual band, so that makes them more authentic to me. Also ... the singer is hot as hell.

Iceland: their song from last year was better, but they are still quirky and fun. So I'm crossing my fingers for the first icelandic win (doubtful, though)

Lithuania: again, prefer their song from last year, but this year is pretty cool and unusal as well. And their singer is one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. (shallow reasoning, but Vaidotas can seriously get it!!)

France is an absolutely lovely song, but I'm not a huge fan of ballads ... :( I've heard about the controversies about Manizha, and I'm rooting for her. She'll hopefully do well.

I think I prefered the Czech entry from last year (there were so many very good songs in 2020, what a shame that is a year totally lost to Corona) over this years, but I do like it.

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I’m going to wake up at 5am with my brother to watch it (in Australia) I don’t follow the pre-event hype as I like to go into it knowing nothing

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Yay! Hope you are both going to enjoy the show(s). :)

Speaking of Australia ... I really liked Montaignes song from last year, but this year it's doing nothing for me. And she is no Dami Im. :(

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I don't watch it (I don't even know where I could watch it in the US. I don't have a cable subscription or use satellite TV, and even when I did, I could never find it on any channel anyways.) however I do listen to the songs on youtube, and there's always a few I really like, so I look forward to listening to them. That reminds me, I haven't listened to any this year...I should search them out.

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I think it was broadcast in recent years, but IIRC it was on pay-TV?! There are always streams, but I don't know if you'd care enough to bother.

This year there are some very high quality songs again. IMO, beside my favourites, France & Switzerland are worth checking out. Depends on your general taste in music though, of course.

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I’ve watched it for years! I remember after Cliff Richard (!) lost, my grandad saying to me “Oh, I’m sorry he didn’t win for you” and being outraged because I couldn’t stand Cliff! And then one year we watched it with my brother’s girlfriend who was from Hawaii and she was just looking at us all in disbelief because we were such a mixture of taking the piss and not so secretly loving it.

I’m gutted for last year’s Iceland entry which I think was the best Eurovision entry ever and should have been allowed to enter this year. I still listen to it regularly and if you haven’t seen the video, check it out.

Iceland Eurovision 2020

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I was so gutted for Iceland as well. I think they really had a chance to get the first win for Iceland last year, and I don't feel like they have that big of a chance in 2021. :(

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Never been particularly interested before, but this year I feel compelled to watch it for whatever reason.

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I remember watching it together with my grandma back in the 80's. It has a lot of nostalgia for me. And in the last 10/15 years the contest really had a lot more good quality songs competing.

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I do! Have watched every year for probably twenty years now. Don’t really have any favorites yet (of the little I’ve heard) but I like Sweden. I’m probably in a minority because I really don’t like Iceland’s song, haha

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We are on opposite sides here. ;) I really like Iceland (though it's not as good as last years song), but don't care much for Sweden. Tusse will do well, though, I think. Sweden always gets automatic points from the juries, because their production is always outstanding. And pandering to the gender-specials will probably work with the usual Eurovision audience as well.

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Public votes are WIIIILD

[–] DiamondFalls 1 points (+1|-0)

Well, fangirls is a force to be reckoned with. Congrats to Italy. They were one of the best.

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They were my favourites. Loved the song and the vibe of the whole band. :) But I would have been happy with Switzerland, France, Iceland, Lithuania or even Finland or Ukraine winning this year.

I just wonder how they will go on with the jury votes in the future. More and more people get really fed up with how the publics faves get fucked over by the juries. Only five people/country decide 50% of the vote. That's a bit unbalanced. Esp. when they are rather off from what the general public enjoys. Some of the artists from the last years who won the televote by a landslide had no chance at winning, because they got almost nothing from the juries.

I had a discussion with my sister about this yesterday after the show, and I feel like this is similar to all the trans rights movement & social justice ect. The "elite" (like news outlets, artists, actors, musicians ... ect.) are trying to dictate what the general public is allowed to like/think. Like here in Germany where news outlets not reportet on the new self-ID law at all, but run trans-positive bits all the time, and tell us that "men can be women. really!!!! it's what we tell you!".

And in Eurovision it's like "we are REAL artists, and we tell you that the music from Ukraine and Finland is not worthy to get a lot of points. that's not ART!". - It's not that France and Switzerland were not appreciated by the public vote, but I guess people who were sitting at home in a pandemic for a year just wanted to party and rock, and that's why they rewarded the bops with more points. Also - the "left elite" wants to be so diverse and embracing of other cultures ect. But they fucked over Ukraine (with a song that based on traditional ukrainian elemens) and also did that two years ago with Norway, who had Keiino with traditional Sámi joiking in their song. They are woke as fuck, but only if it fits their narative and is what they think is "cool".

/rant over. Sorry. ;)

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Well, before the jury the votes were political as hell. You could totally see neighbours giving points to each other all the time. So the jury was introduced to balance things out. It is not perfect, but it's still better than jury-only or public-only votes. And Italy still won, even though they were not the jury's choice.

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YES! I have a Eurovision party every year! We turn it into a drinking game and have a list of rules and we pull countries out of a hat for sweeps.

Really disappointed the same groups cannot compete this year though.

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My sister plans on having a shot every time our country gets points. We'll see how that will go over, since we don't like our song at all, but it seems to be very popular in the Eurovison community.

I'm really sad for those from last year, who were not given the chance to compete this year. But a lot of them do, and I'm rooting for them to have the best time in Rotterdam. :)

[–] Radical_beans 1 points (+1|-0)

oh wow that is a brave game to play, depending on what country you are from. We have a list of things to take a drink, a shot or down your drink like "fire on stage" "change of language" "pitch change" "clothing change". And then we each get randomly assigned a country.

I was looking forward to Russia and Iceland last year. Fingers crossed we have a good show next week, despite the restrictions.

[–] Nurvilya [OP] 1 points (+1|-0)

We're from Germany. So in our opinion she is not in danger! ;D But it looks like Jendrik is widely liked, so she might will have to down a few. :)

There will be a lot of fire and the famous pitch change. Don't get too drunk. ;)

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I don't think Eurovision is good anymore since none of the original countries bother trying anymore and the only ones who make an effort are the Scandinavians and a few of the Eastern European countries. The wins are just meaningless when so many countries send purposefully bad acts to avoid having to host.

[–] Nurvilya [OP] 1 points (+1|-0)

Really? I don't feel like they send "bad" songs on purpose. With a lot of the mediocre or "bad" songs I feel like the countries genuinely think they are sending something awesome. At least for my home-country that's the case. Haha. ;)

[–] linsin 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

Where are you from?

I'm from Ireland and it's well known that bad songs are sent in on purpose. The public is not even allowed to vote for the song we send anymore lol a panel of judges chooses. When we could vote the public purposefully sent the worst act (Dustin the turkey) as a joke 😞 We used to have the most wins in the whole competition lol

[–] DiamondFalls 2 points (+2|-0)

Ahhh, my country has never won, and some say that it's better not to, 'cause that would make my country go bankrupt xD

So I kind of understand the sentiment that it's better not to win.

[–] Nurvilya [OP] 0 points (+0|-0)


Ireland did have a few nice songs lately. Wasn't that guy with the two dancers from Ireland? (The one that was censored in China, because they were clearly romantically involved)

But I guess I understand that Ireland doesn't want to host again any time soon. ;)

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That was INTENSE. Surprised and happy with the result.

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