Did anyone watch it? What do you think? You know I used to enjoy the show, but now there were just few songs which impressed me. But what did caught my attention is that almost all female singers were wearing skimpy dresses.

Did anyone watch it? What do you think? You know I used to enjoy the show, but now there were just few songs which impressed me. But what did caught my attention is that almost all female singers were wearing skimpy dresses.


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I only watched parts of it. Personally I was rooting for Finland but I do like the winning song also.

What I noticed was that while all the women looked hyper feminine, there were also a bunch of men that also looked kinda feminine/gender fluid-ish. This kind of gender fluidity in appearance only ever seems to go one way in showbusiness. You're not gonna see a woman without makeup in jeans.

Check out Iceland, they were one of my favs this year and the girls' look was refreshing

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I love seeing the androgyny of male eurovision contestants! Wish it was more common among the female contestants

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Check Ukraine as well :) they were my favourite, and the public's 2nd favourite.

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I really enjoyed Ukraine and Lithuania and was happy that at least one of them ended up in the top five. But yes, I was also fairly annoyed at all the skimpy dresses and the strong focus on the male-gaze-worthy looks of the women. It didn't help that my country's broadcast had a presenter/announcer (what do you call these commentator people?) that only commented on the women's looks and went as far as calling them 'pussycats' several times, yuck.

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Yeah, Ukraine and Lithuania were cool. And I've added the British song to my list, it's not unique, but it's catchy and good to dance to.

What do you think of the Russian song? (I am from Russia, so I just wonder)

And omg, calling women "pussycats" is terrible.

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I thought the Russian performance was really fun, so I was happy for them when they ended in the top 10. The song isn't really something I'd listen to daily though, haha, no offense. UK getting 0 points from everyone was also worth a laugh.

Yeah, I don't like the style of Manizha's song either, but I am in love with the lyrics - it's about strong women and stereotypes.

Yeah, I was surprised that UK didn't get a single point.

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OMG! This wouldn't fly in my countries, there'd be instant outrage. Can you file a complaint? Normally people can write to their national broadcasters with complaints, praises etc.

The skimpy dresses are a must in Eurovision. We even have a running joke that countries try to save money by only buying a single dress and then sharing it :D But all those performances didn't get that many votes. The public seems to have taste.

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I did watch this year. Normally I don't pay much attention to Eurovision, I'll check in sometimes but I don't get invested. But this year I watched almost the whole thing. Admittedly it was nice to feel part of something.

High points:
LOVED Ukraine's song. I was actually moved to vote for them, and was pleased to see them get so many public votes.

Russia's song was really feminist and cool. I noticed in their mosaic of Russian women, there was a woman wearing a (pretty obviously fake) binder. I don't think binding is healthy for anyone, however I did appreciate the subtle sentiment that GNC women are still women. Also pleased to see they got a decent amount of public votes, was surprised they were beat by Ukraine. I guess people don't care about feminism that doesn't center transwomen anymore.

Australia's song was really cool and avant-gard. The singer had a multicolor buzzcut, wore a blazer and her little intro had her playing with a football. More cool female gender non-conformity.

Lithuania, Israel, and Azerbaijan also had songs I really liked.

Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Serbia were solid.

Iceland, Germany and Lithuania were all bursting with positivity and humor and it lifted my spirits a lot.

I was impressed that the winner was an actual band playing actual instruments. That would have never happened in America. The other top performers, France and Switzerland, were both actually talented singers too.

Low points:
I also noticed the revealing costumes, wasn't sure if that was normal for Eurovision or not. Particularly Israel made me really sad. She had such a beautiful, powerful voice, why did she strip down at the end??? And she looked so skinny and sick, how long did she starve herself before this performance????

Australia holding up a trans flag 🙄

Nikkie Tutorials ruining everything with his vapid "influencer" narcissism.

Ukraine got almost no screen time. I don't think the camera cut to them once when their votes weren't being actively announced. What was that all about?

Australia clearly should have gone on to the next round, but they didn't get to perform in person so they pretty obviously got screwed by that, even though their song was a million times better than the UK and Norway.

The Netherlands deserved more than 0 points wtf.

I genuinely loved Ukraine's song and I don't regret watching. Yes it's all very corporate, but it felt less so than something like American Idol. it was also fun having a celebratory experience to share with my family and the rest of humanity. I was impressed by the amount of songs I actually really enjoyed this year too, usually it's just one or two. In any case it was better than 80% of vapid American pop music.

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Re Israel - I don’t like the focus on thinness and encouraging it for sure so I get your concern.

But she’s Ethiopian. They’re naturally very skinny. I have some Ethiopian friends and I gain weight just from watching them eat. I could never share or even try on rings or bracelets with them even, because their fingers and wrists are so slim. And with my other friends my fingers were often slimmer.

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You don't say. I'm relieved to hear that.

She still didn't need to get nude though! I wish she had allowed her vocal talents to stand on their own.

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I also noticed the revealing costumes, wasn't sure if that was normal for Eurovision or not.

It is very normal. If you look up Eurovision-Bingos there is usually a point of "dress-change/dress-reveal". It's something they do to have that moment that people will remember at the end of the evening, and will maybe swing their vote to you.

[–] platypus 1 points (+1|-0)

That makes sense, but you can do a dress-reveal without getting nude...

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Re: dresses, yes, it's a very Eurovision thing. It's also being mocked by the online commenters a lot, saying that it's the same dress on every performer.

Re: Nikkie, I just didn't pay attention to him. He's just a presenter, so it's easy to ignore him. Not so easy with Australia and Russia, they really ruined their performances for me by associating with trans.

And this year there were many really good songs, one of the strongest Eurovisions I've ever seen. Normally even the bottom of the table would get some votes, but this year all the votes were taken by some 10 strongest performances.

What do you mean by "corporate"? There's only one corporate ad in all of this (Moroccanoil which I have no clue what that is).

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And this year there were many really good songs, one of the strongest Eurovisions I've ever seen. Normally even the bottom of the table would get some votes, but this year all the votes were taken by some 10 strongest performances.

So it wasn't just me then! I was like "wow do I actually really like Eurovision??" But I guess they just had a good year.

What do you mean by "corporate"?

Just in the sense that the whole thing is just obviously a big mainstream commercial endeavor. They had an announcer known for shilling makeup for youtube, obviously the "live" performances were still edited and enhanced in various ways, various broadcasting companies from each country got to allot points to their favorite artists before the public did, and of course, do they really count our votes accurately? What's stopping them from giving their favorite artists an extra 100 "public" points? Maybe I'm totally jaded by reality TV, but with a show this big and popular and "seamless," I always have to assume there's a lot of smoke and mirror going on.
You're right though, now that I'm thinking about it. There wasn't much open shilling for corporations. Maybe I'm being overly cynical.

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Yes! I was just looking for a thread to share my thoughts haha.

I loved Ukraine, the main singer and the show and the song were all quite cool and interesting. I liked Icelands thing even the song itself wasn’t for me. It was like a moment to breath out to see those casual looking people after some of the way too sexualised and objectifying numbers. The kind of music that Italy was representing is right up my alley so I enjoyed them, and they seemed like they were having a great time.

I was also like you other have mentioned as well disheartened by the amount of objectification. I was honestly uncomfortable by some of the numbers and how extremely the focus was on the physical look of those ladies.

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Did not love the winning artist.

Did not love 6ft tall Nikki what's-his-face pretending to be a lady in his floofy purple dress.

My bf, who is not into trans-issues at all, clocked him immediately. I don't mind Nikki wearing dresses, just don't say that you are a woman.

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My normie friend on my group chat asked "is the person in the purple dress a lady or a man??"

[–] TerfSedai 6 points (+6|-0)

Haaaaa mine didn't and mentioned something about the boob-overlay sequins on the dress. Then at the end, when they showed all the judges together, my partner was all, "WOW either that man judge is tiny or the woman judge is a total Amazon," at which point I clued him in and he felt silly.

In his oblivious man defense however, it was harder to tell when Nikki was on-screen alone and standing up, but all the contestants who were being interviewed were sitting down.

Putting Nikki next to the other male judge just made it blindingly obvious.

[–] platypus 9 points (+9|-0)

Yeah the amount of Nikkie was overwhelming and obnoxious. His vapid makeup-obsessed "influencer" act really did not contribute anything to the experience, and he flubbed his lines a couple times. As feminine as his voice is, I find his affectations really monotonous and robotic in a way that can't fully be explained by not being a native English speaker.

On the positive side though, I was "livetweeting" it with my fully peaked sister in America (she downloaded a VPN so we could watch together!) and when Nikkie came on the screen she immediately remarked "WHOA look at her! She's huge!" At which point I promptly informed her "that's a man" and we had a nice little conversation about the harms of puberty blockers for children, and how they're illegal here in Sweden now.

When Tusse sang his song, I also took the opportunity to mention "see I respect him for being a feminine man, without trying to say 'this literally makes me a woman.' People should just be themselves." I don't think my sister appreciated that as much, sadly. She's really conservative.

[–] Rhapsody 2 points (+2|-0)

Sadly I was fooled for a long time that he was a woman because of the makeup...very rare for me to get fooled

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I'm really happy to see lots of you liked Ukraine's song. It was by far my favourite. Actually I'm listening to this band right now, I loved it so much. I was happy to see some really original content this year. Misogyny abound, but also songs about serious topics and women and men in creative and interesting costumes. The eye candy didn't get very far anyway. My favourites were Ukraine, Iceland and Italy. I also really lived Lithuania's song. They were never gonna win but the song and the dance were hilarious.

Overall it wasn't terrible compared to some years. Lots of hilarious moments. I'm not a big fan of the competition but I enjoyed it this year.

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I thought it was funny that five countries essentially had the same costume for their lead singer: white sequins and straps. Maybe that's all the shops had?

[–] DiamondFalls 2 points (+2|-0)

The running joke is that countries try to save some money by only buying a single dress, and then sharing it among themselves :D

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My top three are Ukraine, Italy and Malta, in that order. Really happy that Italy won, it was long overdue. They have a couple of other hits, if anyone is interested, I especially love Morirò da re.

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Eurovision is my not-so-guilty pleasure! This year I loved Switzerland, France and Ukraine. Italy was all right, but I preferred Finland in the battle of the heavy rock songs, and I'm annoyed Italy pipped my faves!

Germany was really trying to top my list of worst songs I've ever seen on Eurovision. They were totally trolling, right?

UK last as ever but James' reaction at getting nil points was fabulous.

So how did he react? I only watched the songs, didn't sit through the voting.

And I am sorry, I loved the Italian song more. Finnish type of rock is not my cap if tea, I don't like screaming type of rock

[–] courage2courage 1 points (+1|-0)

Like a podium winner! He took it like a champ.

Italy definitely won in the fashion department, they looked great!

When we were watching their performance I told my bf, that like finally some topless men after all those women in skimpy dresses

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I loveeeeee the winning act! Italy was great. I didn't like how so many of the acts had women dressed in.... nothing.

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I saw them in person a couple years ago! Got front-row spots at the venue and I have some videos of the guitarist and lead singer waving at me. Good memories, glad they won.

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Happy Italy won. Sad about Russia and Ukraine. I also liked Israel and Malta

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