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For context, the daughter Paige has been doing spy training with her mom and has been getting cocky about her abilities. She was in a situation in a bar where she defended herself against a college guy, but the guy was caught off-guard and drunk. We see so many Strong Female Characters in movies these days of stick-thin actresses winning fights against men twice their size and while it's entertaining, it's dangerously unrealistic. In this scene, Paige's father teaches her an important lesson by offering to spar with her, thereby showing her how quickly and easily she'd be overpowered by any regular man, particularly one who knows what he's doing. He wants her to be safe and knows he can't convince her out of playing spy with her mom, but by doing this, he very effectively teaches her an important lesson. It's a scene that's always stuck with me.

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The strongest 20% of women are stronger or as strong as the weakest 20% of men. It's important to remember that. The best way to fight is to not have to fight at all.