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idk why men being stronger than women was ever considered some kind of winpoint to men's position over women in society. the only reason it was ever needed was for protection against other male violence. the only actual regular predator of human beings is human males and fucking polar bears.

the minute we invented basic technology and society, any male advantage became obsolete. so of course men used the only advantage they had to enslave women to them and foment invasion and warfare(against yet always each other) to keep their specialty relevant.

as soon as society and technology outleveled using warfare, men have struggled to grasp on to their power through religion and bastardized logic and continued attempts at oppression and as a last resort, yet again male violence. it's all they've ever had over women, at the end of it.

it's not an accomplishment for a women to be as good at violence as a man. it's an accomplishment to phase violence out so effectively and entirely no male advantage would matter.

anyway if i had my druthers all women throughout history would have had a taser installed in them at birth and then we'd be living in starfleet righf now.

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A taser that cannot be used against them. It's more likely that the man attacking you fights through it, takes it, and uses it against you.