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I saw the first 4 episodes and couldn't finish the series. Besides the fact it bordered on soft porn, I think this was the first series I've seen where I hated every main character.

Billie: for lusting and fantasizing her abusive, toxic ex to the point where she's willing to completely destroy her marriage. Also, why didn't she password protect her e-journal?

Cooper: While he looks good on paper, he displays various complacent, low value male traits. He didn't seem interested in changing his ways until he thought his marriage was being threatened by the presence of another man. Also the whole jerking off to her journal was just weird and disgusting.

Sasha: I hate that she's just another sassy black BFF trope, complete with the promiscuous stereotype. I've been side eyeing TF out of her since it was revealed that she had been sleeping with Brad for over a year behind Billie's back, especially knowing their contentious history.

Brad: For all the obvious reasons. Having a big dick doesn't redeem him.

It does seem very libfemmy in that it promotes female promiscuity as the pinnacle of liberation, despite its grave consequences. But then again this was the same streaming service that had a movie about twerking 11 year olds among other things.

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Thanks for the insight. I figured I would have nothing in common with any of the characters. Were there any scenes of sexualized violence in the four episodes you watched? That was my main concern about the whole thing.

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Yeah there was one scene that I can remember that was pretty weird and degrading. I think it was on the first episode. There was also very clear emotional abuse on the second episode and from the spoilers I read on LSA, it gets worse and the series is a complete dumpster fire.

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Thanks for the warning. I read on another site that the husband has abusive sex with her in the kitchen in the very first episode. Not surprised Netflix could not avoid abuse even for the span of one episode.