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I hate those assholes.

I remember sitting in a car waiting for my dad to come out. Two guys in the car next to me were doing the whole ‘She is pretty but I’ll bet she is too much of a bitch to say hi to us’ shit.

Well, I sure didn’t want to prove them wrong now did I, lol.

To this day I am disgusted by how they think this should have gone down.

I’ll bet they don’t say hi to random men or old ladies. But it’s my job to say hi to them.

Let me just start a conversation with two men in a car who are already wondering if I’m ‘bitchy’ (won’t say hit to random horny dudes) or ‘slutty’ (will say hi to random horny dudes)

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Yep! It's as though you don't have ears. I don't need to prove myself to you. Period.

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They were saying it loudly. They were hoping I’d fall all over myself to prove them wrong.