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Mental health experts advised the accused animal killer be kept under supervision to prevent her from harming herself, the court heard.

... um what about other innocent animals and the 'voiceless' individuals LIKE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. i literally yelled at a dude who took a pic up my skirt and all the men around me looked at me like I WAS THE CRAZY ONE

"Mental health experts" need to be kept under supervision to prevent them from calling men "she" and ignoring early signs of a serial killer, i.e. killing pets.

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I see they turned off comments, which Daily Mail seldom does. I guess this poor dog killing 'woman' must be protected from the indignation of decent people.

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Is “gender treatment issues” a euphemism for narcissistic personality disorder?

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It's just an excuse these men try to use in court to get out of jail. That attempted axe murderer (also from Sydney) tried the same defence and got a lighter sentence because of it (later increased on appeal).

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I don't understand... this person just killed the dog in a rage? Out of nowhere? Over what? 'Gender treatment issues'....what does that even mean? I get that it was their ex's dog, but did they just snap, or did they specifically go there to kill the dog?

Regardless, as a dog mom, I'm horrified -- that poor dog, and it's poor owner. :'(

First post, hope I did format right. Heartbroken over the dog. I guess the hormones set him off.

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You did a good job. We do usually use the original article title and then put the perpetrator's name in brackets at the end (this is for ease of searching so we don't get repeat stories/can keep track of incidents etc). But you've got the name in the title and a it is short enough to be easily visible. Plus the DM's titles are way too long and often too graphic to use unedited anyways.