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I'm not really sure what this should be flared. Aviles might be a TiF?

Criminal complaint here:


Looked wholly male to me. I hate all this cross-hormone attempts to fool us. Seem to be a lot of Trans among that violent group.

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It can be hard to tell sometimes. The patchy little facial hair, excessive acne, and short stature make me think this is a TiF or nonbinary female who hasn't made changes to legal documentation. Plus this photo.

I don't want to doxx by posting it here, but The Post Millennial also gives this person's alternative name and links to a FB page. From the photos there it seems that this is a TiF or woman on testosterone; a butch lesbian in the NB closet, most likely.

Now I'm not sure whether this fits the sub or not. We do post TiF news stories for balance, but is this person even trans? Seems probably NB to me. Seems OK with her female name.

edit: seems like Aviles is probably trans. Going to flair this accordingly.


He later surrendered to the U.S. Marshals Service and made her first court appearance on Wednesday.

Confusing the local news lol

That pic you sent the link to totally looks female, agreed. How long until they tell us to use one generic third person pronoun for everyone (like in the Chinese language -- written has different form but spoken is the same) because of this insanity. Or we'll all be "they." I'm sure "she" is somehow oppressive.

There's peaking and there's breaking. I think I'm at breaking point. I guess that's their goal.