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Names of the victims:
Ralph Knibbs
Kevan Taylor
Tim Begley


On 22 March last year, she drove from her home in Wales to Birmingham with two knives hidden in a rucksack and walked into the open-plan UK Athletics office before launching her attack on Mr Knibbs.

One eyewitness said Jeska looked "as though she were trying to skewer meat".


The court heard how Mr Knibbs, a former rugby player with Bristol, suffered a stroke at the scene which temporarily blinded him in one eye.

He now has limited vision in both eyes, rendering him disabled, his movement is restricted and he has difficulty eating due to severed nerves.

Mr Knibbs said he was in a "constant battle with his emotions".

Accountant Tim Begley was stabbed in the ribs but the blade did not penetrate deeply, while finance director Kevan Taylor was cut on his left hand and fingers as he restrained Jeska.


During Jeska's "mental health crisis" [Jeska's parents] said she "felt traumatised and had flashbacks which caused fantasies of doing something drastic" and had "twice asked for help from the NHS but was not referred for psychiatric help".

"Whatever the technical psychiatric diagnosis, it is clear to us as parents that the assault is only understandable as the consequence of a mental health crisis precipitated by the affair with UK Athletics," her parents said.

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This is horrifying. I remember this one, it was the competitive fell runner TiM. I just hadn't realize how badly injured one of the victims was .... that poor man! And yet this insane creep's parents have the gall to be all 'oh 'she's' just a traumatized person'. I'm not discounting mental health issues being a contributing factor to this TiM's rage, but there is still no excuse for such violence. And the fact that it was over a dispute regarding testosterone levels is telling.

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I, too, was a female long distance runner. I’m pretty sure it would not habe occurred to me to kill people over a blood test, not would have it required 3 ATHLETIC STRONG men to subdue me, at great cost to themselves, if it had.

I wonder what the difference is?

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Jesus fucking CHRIST his parents are appalling. Blaming UK Athletics and his mental illness for his own choice. I can't fucking stand it when people use mental illness as an excuse for violence. I've suffered with depression for 25 years and anxiety for 8 years, I would NEVER do something like this.

It was clearly retribution against UK Athletics, he obviously wasn't lowering his testosterone levels and knew he'd be outed as a fraud. Awful, awful man. And, shockingly enough - he's in a women's prison. HM Foston Hall in Derbyshire 😒