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It's kinda a long video but the TLDR is that a TIM murdered a couple to get money for a sex change surgery. And then ended up getting it, on the taxpayers' dime, while sitting on death row after trying to cut his penis off.

Bonus points for everyone seemingly treating his wife (who wasn't present at the murder but did help lure the couple in) like she was almost worse than him.

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Thanks for using the title formatting! We've got a news story link for this one somewhere--the top level link should be to a news source directly (a YT video, unless it is a news story, should be added in the comments). It is a particularly noteworthy, horrific case.

Here's at least one:


I do think this was one of the instances where news outlets were "cleaning up" their coverage, unfortunately.

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Saw it on 20/20 or dateline or something and boy did that mess me up. It’s just such a shit shit way to go. Absolutely horrifying.

At least he’s castrated, I guess. Should be worse than that, though.

Too bad he already had two kids... I always hate hearing about murderers having kids. That must be so messed up for them.