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The actual court judgment is chilling (major content warning - descriptions of violence towards women). This kid basically decided he was trans but the clinicians noted "...there was no sense of any emotional disturbance attached to [his] alleged gender dysphoria ... [he had] researched the area and was therefore able to provide a tick-box list of symptoms that are required to the formation of this diagnosis". He also uses suicide threats as a means of control as well as demonstrating "callous unemotional traits" and "an egocentric, egosyntonic attitude towards violence to others". In other words, this young person is a psychopath.

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Doesn't Ireland have self-ID? I've seen people elsewhere suggesting that he's not a genuine trans person. But how can he not be if anyone who identifies as a woman is a woman? FFS.

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Not Irish, but I believe you're right - it was sneaked in without scrutiny along with more progressive measures a few years ago.

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This is a picture of the 'girl', apparently called Barbie Kardashian.

Yes. Barbie Kardashian.

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Hello. I was not able to see the picture. They may have taken it down or something is up w my iPhone.

This case is just crazy. They really ought not to have even said anything if they aren’t going to gender him correctly or even give a description. They are just increasing the nebulous fear of an entire country and given no tools for prevention

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On your own head be it - https://imgur.com/a/ApY6fm1

Like if Dee Snyder used the make-up gun from that episode of the Simpsons.

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Well that's going to give me nightmares.

Also, why are detainees allowed to be photographed wearing that much makeup and a wig, anyway? They can't even have two versions, with and without? It's essentially a disguise. His appearance is completely hidden; they may as well let him wear a mask for his ID photo.

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You did warn me....

That makeup is as ridiculous as that name. I’m pretty sure ‘Kardashian’ is not an Irish name nor is that dude descended from Armenian refugees.

That dude is the Joker

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Next time, could you add this name in brackets to the end of the post title? It'll help us keep track of this story.

Early in the beta phase I think we were able to edit post titles, but no more :(

A UK Labour MP just this week had the nerve to claim in the House of Commons that Ireland has no problems with self ID. Yeah right, pull the other one!

It's outrageous that the public was lied to about the description of this incredibly dangerous young man. Affirming his delusions won't be doing him any favours either.

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Exactly so. It's enraging that the ego of this uinstable young man is more important than the risk to women and girls created by the failure to describe him accurately. No-one's gonna look at his presentation and think 'girl.'

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Apparently the bit about Rory Stewart claiming male prisoners had moved to women's prisons and raped female guards wasn't true? https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-questions/detail/2020-04-21/HL3293 He did used to be the Minister of State for Prisons, so I suppose it's possible he knows about cases which weren't reported. But he has been called out for lying before, so I'm not sure I trust that he didn't just make this up for political purposes.

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I'm always struck when I watch crime documentaries or shows and the investigators are like, "well, he started killing animals and assaulting girls when he was 7. Then he molested his sister at 12. At 16 he raped and nearly killed a neighbor. But we didn't think he'd become a serial killer! Who would have thought!"

The police, the lawmakers, the courts, no one ever stops to consider this behavior will escalate in almost ALL cases into more violent crimes or murder. It's always boys and men who never get flagged for disturbing behaviors that almost always centered on women and children. The police, the lawmakers creating these laws, and everyone else do not give a flying fuck about the safety of women and children.

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It's because they don't actually see that behavior as disturbing when men do it. It's just part of "boyhood" to torture and mutilate animals and other children.

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I recently learned that women make up only 4% of Canada's inmates, but represent 50% of all suicides/attempts in prison.

Also the vast majority, 95%, are in prison for lesser crimes than the ones they've had inflicted upon them. A girl is gang raped as a child, she develops a drug addiction, runs afoul of the law trying to obtain drugs to cope, and is sent to an environment specifically built for men that does demonstrable harm to women. Meanwhile her rapists are free as a bird.

I'm sad now.

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How the hell does something like this not peak everyone, immediately....

If I never see the phrase "her penis" again, I'll be a happier person.

More seriously, the thread on the perpetrator's history is appalling. This person's life was ruined as an infant. The transgender aspect is a sideshow. But the fact seems to be (ok, I'm not a criminologist) that males and females respond differently to such traumas. We all know what the difference is. And that's one big reason it's just plain wrong to put males in female prisons.