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Thanks for posting this. Reading the full story and his history of sexualized violence, it makes it all the more horrifying that this guy was locked up with vulnerable women in the name of gender identity ideology (or whatever).

Also: the parts about his childhood were painful to read, and made it seem like no wonder he has severe mental health issues — a little boy being taught (by his father) from very early childhood to physically abuse his own mother? What the actual fuck. There needs to be a special place in hell for men who would do that to a kid.

Hell, the fact that his father didn't allow his mother to soothe him/hold him as he cried as an infant is enough to do him some psychological damage. You're absolutely right, there is no wonder he ended up the way he did. He needs immense psychological help, and not just being released back onto the streets of Ireland willy-nilly. They know that he poses a very serious risk.

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Oh yeah he ticks all the boxes of a serial killer, doesn't he? I've watched enough true crime to tell you with certainty this dude has a long career in front of him.

That's what's so frustrating! It feels like there are ways to prevent him committing unspeakable crimes against people before he's done immense damage. It's bad enough that he's assaulted women, and tore that woman's hair out and tore her eyelids trying to gouge her eyes out!

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Here's another article about him with his name in it to keep his identity from being obfuscated: link archived link

It appears that this article has sadly been taken down against the wishes of Gript. Here is the archived link: https://archive.is/5rdyH