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Ugh the comments are wholly depressing. These are male crimes committed by a male. And yet the comments feature TRA greatest hits: 'why is her gender relevant', 'why are you deadnaming her Lincolnite Post' and 'trans women are women, bigot'

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Edit: Can anyone archive Buffalo Bill's vids like this one so they don't get memory holed?

Let me put my Pacman top on and get the rainbow bat..... When you look at the big picture and see "crazy" - and then learn he's got a cache of weapons and explosives -- dangerous male alert.

Really hate that nonsense word "deadnaming" -- that would mean naming the dead, you know like saying George Washington. Shouldn't it be called "man-naming"?

[–] Avadavat 6 points (+6|-0)

Excellent point. That the woke commenters are more worried about "deadnaming" (a practice that Caitlin Jenner and other prominent TIMs themselves engage in, when it's to their advantage) than the fact that this male identifying-as-a-woman former police officer is stockpiling explosives and weapons is a testament to gender ideological lunacy and madness.

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Oh God, I would love to try that if I ever met Bruce. A: You said you won the decathlon, right? B: Yes. A: But I looked up the results and nobody called Caitlyn Jenner ever won. I even looked for any Caitlyns, in case it was your maiden name or something, but nothing. bats eyelashes

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Also, I'm curious - if we call Rhys McKinnon Rachel McKinnon, when he's currently going by Veronica Ivy, are we deadnaming him?

Since he uses HerThighness on Twitter but publishes his papers as Veronica Ivy, is he deadnaming himself?

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That the journalist used the "correct," "she" preferred pronoun for this article got me. But the fact that this TIM has posted at least one YouTube video on how to create shotgun shell survival kits and TAMPON FIRE ROCKETS took the cake.

TAMPON FIRE ROCKETS...let that sink in. Pretty much on par with TIMs calling breasts "fun bags." Note how easily they, divorced from female lived experience and relentless sexual objectification since early puberty, are able to play with the material reality of women's lives, and even turn it into excesses of male-pattern violence and fun.

TIMS: Able to self-Identify AS women with the snap of a finger; identifying WITH women, however...not so much.

Zoe Ashley Watts, the subject of this article and formerly Equalities Officer for the Lincolnshire Police UNISON,* may need just a wee more practice in identifying WITH women, don't you think?

*Can you imagine being a Lincolnshire police officer and being forced to attend sensitivity training sessions on interacting with trans people led by Zoe Ashley Watts?

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That the journalist used the "correct," "she" preferred pronoun for this article got me.

This always grinds my nerves, too. You don’t see journalists reporting on the grown creeps who identify as children as “this sweet little girl did a no-no”, they’d sound completely insane and just as unstable as the men being reported on. You’re a reporter talking to the public, you don’t have play along with these violent men’s delusions.

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So while RadFems seem to be more established in the UK, so does full on acceptance of TRA nonsense. Is that inaccurate? I haven't lived in the UK since I was a child, but the view from media is pretty wild. The most rigorous and energetic feminist opposition to TRAs, and also the craziest embrace of TRAs. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't find an American or Canadian or German PD hiring a fruitbat like this.

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Ah fuck, the title edit to include the name didn't take.

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Could you try again tomorrow? It'll help us keep track of the story (which is nuts, btw, all pun intended).

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Oh come on, ladies! Who here can say they’ve never simulated desecrating the detached head of their enemy? This is a very normal, womanly activity, don’t you know!

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