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So Karen White can rape a woman and still ID himself into a woman’s prison.

But call a man a racial slur and we house you with the men?

Racism is shit and nobody has the right to use racial slurs but how can people call themselves ‘’woke” by rightfully standing against But not feel the need for action against actual violence against women.

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...And I just read the article and yep, he attacked men. That's really what it's about. It so happens at least one of them was a black man, but a few of them were police officers and so I really think he'd have gone into the men's estate either way.

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Because half of all people of color are men.

That's really all it is. If all POC were women... hell, we'd still have legal slavery.

(We sort of do in the USA. The Thirteenth Amendment, which banned most slavery, still allows it as punishment when you're convicted of a crime. And now you know why we have sooooo many black people in prison. They don't just languish in cells, they're put to work.)

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"She is now being detained at the men-only Altcourse Jail in Liverpool, where she is undergoing hormone therapy while awaiting surgery for the next stage of her five-year gender reassignment transition."

So, British taxpayers are paying for this man's sex-transitioning hormones and surgery....and, what happens when they're completed? Will he then be housed in the so-called women's (but, probably now uni-sex) estate?