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"A spokesman for the MoJ said that between 2010 and 2018, “out of the 124 sexual assaults that occurred in the female estate a total of seven were against females in custody perpetrated by transgender individuals”." So, over eight years, 124 sexual assaults occurred in UK women's prisons...and 7 of those were committed by TIM inmates. So, only 5.6% of sexual assaults in women's prisons were committed by male prisoners who self-identify as women. But, that's far from the whole story, of course.

It would be VERY interesting to learn, for the period reported on (2010-2018), the overall number of female inmates and the overall number of TIM inmates, and to see how they correlated. Of even more relevance would be knowing the number of sexual assaults committed by female inmates divided by the overall number of female inmates, and comparing that to the number of sexual assaults committed by TIM inmates divided by the overall number of TIM inmates.

You wanna bet that there would be an order of magnitude or two difference between those percentages?

I'd also be interested in seeing a graph that examines the number of sexual assaults over time, and how that correlates with more TIMs being housed in UK women's estates.

And, finally, the article states that "Downview, a women’s prison, has a special unit where male-born transgender prisoners can sleep and shower while mixing with the main population in daytime activities." Regarding this statement, one must ask, of course, 1) if "Trans women really ARE women," why is such a separation even needed?; and 2) couldn't such a policy have been enacted in men's prisons in order to accommodate all vulnerable male inmates, males at risk of violence from other males (not just TIM inmates)?; and, 3), how do the rates of TIM inmates' sexual assaults against women in this special Downview unit compare with rates of TIM-on-women isexual assault in other women's prisions/ units?

I'm going to guess that the Special Unit's rates are much lower as TIM and women prisoners don't socialize in circumstances wherein women are most vulnerable: as cellmates or in communal showers and toilets.